Golden Square Hotel Apartments

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  • 迪拜,Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve
  • 千万别在这住
  • only good location fot business
    im from iran . i have stayed 5 time in this hotel. evry years is worse. reception are too much angry .roms is big but not clean room and bathroom is full of insect and cockroach ..... launch is not good . breakfast is good. خدمت هموطنان عزیز ایرانی عرض کنم که من دست کم پنج بار به این هتل رفتم. اوایل بد نبود. ولی هر بار که رفتم بد تر شد. اصلا واسه مسافرت خانوادگی خوب نیست. هتل سوسک زیاد داره. فقط واسه مجرد ها خوبه. و کسانی که میرن خرید عمده. داخل رستورانش هم فقط آقایون مجرد میبینی و خانمهای پولی. رزپشن ها هم بد اخلاق و بی ادب هستند.صبحانه و نهارش بدرد نخور و بو میده .
  • Not the memories you want to take back!
    This is one of the most terrible hotel I have ever stayed in! They held us at the small cramped lobby for two hours between 12-2:00 p.m. since the check-in time was 2:00 p.m. I had booked through an agent, so had no control over how we were treated here. You will have to pay extra to the housekeeping staff to get even a single clean towel. I had to wait two days and call several times to get remote control for TV even. The lobby is so small that has barely enough seating space for 7-8 persons only, but there are always 10-15 persons standing there in order to access free WiFi. Rooms are full of insects and cockroaches.. yikes! I ended up in this hotel because of a travel agent, who obviously made good profit, but if you have the choice: AVOID AT ANY COST!
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