这家备受欢迎的熟食店位于迪拜国际金融中心 (Dubai International Financial Centre),提供迪拜最新鲜、最具创意的美味三明治(如果您对店名感到好奇,“1972”是该三明治品牌成立的时间)。这家明朗现代的咖啡馆有友好专业的工作人员,提供众多美味选择:亚洲面条、印度尼西亚咖都沙拉、酒吧式早餐卷饼、布里干酪洋葱酱卷、烤蔬菜、马苏里拉奶酪和番茄佛卡夏面包等等。
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  • what a discovery
    I absolutely love this place and stumbled upon it by accident. I was in Dubai on business and ordinarily have my meetings at Cafe Nero or Costa coffee-no longer! Great selection of juices and coffee. Extremely friendly staff who seem to be constantly working and busily making up food for lunches for the thousands of people who work within the Dubai International Financial Centre. The manageress greeted me like a long lost friend and was playing some very good music which I commented upon. I have no hesitation recommending people drop in here whether it's for a casual or business meeting. The music is slightly loud-that would be my only criticism but it didn't really bother me although it might annoy some people who are sensitive to this or want to have a meaningful business meeting. The Wi-Fi is excellent and free
  • Snack
    Loved the way this place looked, chic industrial. The sandwiches looked great, I went for the Salmon and cheese sandwich. I was a little bit disappointed with the black bread as it tasted like it had been hanging around since lunchtime. We arrived before it closed. Staff were attentive and friendly. Enjoyable.
  • Fantastic deli / lunch / breakfast joint
    What a lucky find... happened upon this place, near to our office and ended up eating lunch there every day last week... it was that good!! Smoked salmon bagel, toasted wraps, THE most amazing sticky, chocolatey sweet treats, unusual juice combos, interesting decor. Generally a great place to hang out when you want a break from the office and a tasty meal.
1762 咖啡厅和面包店
XVA画廊 咖啡厅和面包店
在 XVA 画廊观赏阿拉伯艺术
VOX 影城带来无穷欢乐
在阿玛尼和阿玛尔 (Armani/Amal) 尽情享用上好印度菜肴
Valleydez,日落商场 (Sunset Mall)
Valleydez 博采众长的优雅
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