艾巴莎池塘公园 (Al Barsha Pond Park) 是一个满眼绿意、宽阔的世外桃源,非常安静。 这座公园围绕一个大型人工池塘建成,平静而闲适,非常适合全家出游。 踏上圆形自行车道与慢跑跑道,在 50 英亩的灿烂植物间骑行或慢跑。 让孩子们在充气城堡中尽情地弹跳玩耍。 在公园的任一场地进行一次令人印象深刻的家庭篮球比赛,留下长久回忆,或者在公园长椅上静静地坐上几分钟,抛开一切,让整个人放松下来,融入这美丽的景色之中。
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阿尔巴沙池公园 艾巴莎池塘公园 (Al Barsha Pond Park) 是一个满眼绿意、宽阔的世外桃源,非常安静。 这座公园围绕一个大型人工池塘建成,平静而闲适,非常适合全家出游。 踏上圆形自行车道与慢跑跑道,在 50 英亩的灿烂植物间骑行或慢跑。 让孩子们在充气城堡中尽情地弹跳玩耍。 在公园的任一场地进行一次令人印象深刻的家庭篮球比赛,留下长久回忆,或者在公园长椅上静静地坐上几分钟,抛开一切,让整个人放松下来,融入这美丽的景色之中。阿尔巴沙池公园/@25.10210124,55.20292832
阿尔巴沙池公园 阿尔巴沙2, 哈迪奇·穆罕默德·本·拉希德 55.20292832 25.10210124 周日至周四,早 8 点至晚 11 点;周五至周六,早 8 点至晚 11:30。
  • Al Barsha Pond Park
  • 阿尔巴沙池公园

    POI Opening Timing周日至周四,早 8 点至晚 11 点;周五至周六,早 8 点至晚 11:30。

    POI Address阿尔巴沙2, 哈迪奇·穆罕默德·本·拉希德

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  • 26 6月 2017
    by hoosainnarker
  • Great Park for Social Activities and other
    Al Barsha Pond Park is a beautiful and well maintained park in the centre of Barsha. It has a big artificial lake with boating, a 1.5km jogging track, cycling track, tennis courts, basketballs courts and nearly every type of outdoor sports infrastructure like exercise equipment, fitness machines, etc. There is a dedicated kiddies play area and has cycle karts for hire including small boats. It has public bathrooms and several fresh water fountains for drinking as well as a small shop and café. On Fridays and Saturday's there is a food market and on Saturday's also an Organic market. Friday's is an off day and the park is normally packed. There is ample parking on two opposite entrances. One can see the Al Barsha Mall and it is easily accessible from the far side. Dogs are not allowed and the grass area is perfect for picnics, birthday parties, etc. We used the park daily for training and there were several other group fitness activities also happening like aerobics, etc. The park reminded me very much of our Green Point Park in Cape Town which has similar features but not all.
  • 24 3月 2017
    by Mahmoud F
  • Beautiful Prk, Spectacular View of the Towers Nearby
    We visited the park on a cool and rainy day and could have a better appreciation of the nice weather in the beautiful landscape. There is a long running track around the pond. There are also yachts and pedal boats to rent. Smoking is forbidden in the park; let alone barbecueing! Many families or groups of friends were there, some for celebrating special occasions in the nice spring weather. It is definitely not one of the biggest parks in Dubai; but is a must see destination here.
  • 16 3月 2017
    by SarahC0805
  • Artificial oasis but well thought out and family friendly.
    Excellent place to walk the baby, have a cold drink, use the pristine toilets and enjoy the scenery. Some very welcome shade (yes, even in March it was 35 degrees!) not many people, mostly young families and runners, plenty to watch and look at while sat having a drink. Beautiful, well tended gardens and play parks for the little children. This will continue to be visited!




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