在阿尔达亚黎巴嫩餐馆 (Al Dayaa Lebanese Restaurant) 享用美食
如果您爱吃黎巴嫩美食,又觉得太昂,那就一定要收藏这家欢乐的餐馆。这家阿尔达亚黎巴嫩餐馆 (Al Dayaa Lebanese Restaurant) 位于德拉,靠近迪拜花卉中心 (Dubai Flower Centre),提供各种赏心悦目的美味佳肴,包括炸豆丸子、沙瓦玛 (Shawarma)、鸡肉串和烤肉丸等。如果您想吃一些简单的美食,还可尝试这里的西方美食,包括法式炸薯条、汉堡套餐和墨西哥鸡肉卷等。价格非常实惠。
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  • Highly recommended venue for every Mediterranean foodie with discriminating palate, fresh and
    Apart from personalized service and casual, distinct ambience, their one-of-a-kind Lebanese style "Manakish" - cooked fresh from their stone-brick oven was simply exotic. From salads and shawarmas to Kebbeh balls, falafel and many more. Everytime we have visiting family and friends come over from Europe, US, Asia or even from neighboring GCC, we never missed a chance to take them to this hiding place in Deira. We've been here 5, 10, 15 or more times; almost countless times. The part-owner & manager is almost always on the floor ready to assist you for anything and practically everything you request. An emerging restaurant with authentic Lebanese flavors. We highly recommend their visibility either in Jumeirah or Umm Suqeim area to make us more accessible to visit them often. Great job, guys. Keep up your good work. You are moving forward.
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  • One hidden Lebanese/Mediterranian gems in Dubai
    Walking in you may find a casual to elegant ambiance, very clean and bright. The taste and flavors are authentic Lebanese/Mediterranean, made with fresh vegetable and fine herbs. The appetizer pastries (Manakish) and the breads freshly baked savors reminded me about my grandmother home made bread. The ordered mixed grill was perfectly marinated before cooking, delicious and tender. We received plenty of free traditional sides such hommous, tabouleh and moutablas. The master chef/ops manager attended us with courtesy for having our feed backs and all the services were excellent. The bill was really a very good surprise. Greatly recommended, do not miss it.
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