在阿米西 (Amici) 尽情享用传统意大利美食
来阿米西 (Amici) 享用美味的地中海食物。这家当代餐馆全天提供一系列缤纷意大利与地中海美食,并且价格非常实惠。在这里,您可以从众多的地中海美食中进行选择,还可搭配可口的饮料。
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  • Good iftar buffet for the price
    Good iftar buffet, mainly Arabic food. Choice is not too much but quality of the food is pretty good. Be there before 8pm because after it most of the food is gone and they are slow to refill it.
  • Nice for the budget - Ramadan Iftar buffet
    It was so nice for it's price. Not too much variety according to Iftar buffet. Fish and meat were nice. Tandoori chicken wasn't that much. Nice western dessert variety but not Arabic. And for the music, it was really bad !! WHY sad music most of the time ?!!!
  • Good buffet restaurant at reasonable price
    We went looking for an Italian restaurant but found it was a buffet restaurant with different themes. It happened that the night we visited was the Italian night. Choice was very good and decent quality. Live cooking station a bit of a problem. Chef was not to keen to come and prepare pizza and pasta. That said when they did eventually arrive both were very good. Waiting staff were very helpful and pleasant. We went for the non alcoholic option which was only AED 89. I think it was AED 100 more with alcohol included. Recommended for a reasonably priced dinner.
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