前来 A.O.C. 法式餐厅休闲放松
法国《原产地命名控制》 (Appellation d’Origine Contrôlée) 是政府对其国境内符合严苛标准的农产品的一项指定和认证,餐厅能以 A.O.C. 命名, 可见相当有底气——同时,这也表明了餐厅的原属国。 而迪拜朱美拉海滩索菲特酒店 (Sofitel Dubai Jumeirah Beach) 的 A.O.C. 法式餐厅则完全符合标准。 这家餐厅采用顶级食材,烹饪技术无懈可击,供应鲜美多汁的烧烙鹅肝片搭配洋蓟和红萝卜泡沫、40 天黑安格斯牛肉切片搭配法式奶油蛋黄酱,以及采用法国顶级农家奶酪制作的奶酪食品。 餐厅的风格像一个小餐馆,整个氛围非常低调,服务亲切友好,每天供应三餐。
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  • Best brunch food, average atmosphere.
    The food at this brunch is one of the best I’ve tasted. You can tell that they use top quality ingredients and that they have been prepared and cooked really well. If you want really good, French based food at a brunch this is the place. The only down side is the setting lacks a ‘wow’ factor. The inside space is the same room that the breakfast buffet is served and is a little lacking in atmosphere. The outside space is better with a view of the pool and out toward JBR beach. Would I go again? Yes if I have a foodie guest in town, but for me personally I prefer a livelier atmosphere.
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  • Best Brunch in Dubai !!
    Amazing Brunch ! Huge selection of French specialties. The quality of all product served is incredible, something that we don t see much in Dubai. Atmosphere is very nice on the terrace. Staff is great. Best value for money for a brunch in the city.
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  • Pre Christmas Brunch
    Great experience today with the special lobster thermidor. High quality food displayed for all taste, from sea food to duck confit, via foie gras, oysters, delightful pork stuff and cheeses (Mons selection) of all kind. And last but not the least, an amazing dessert buffet. I strongly recommend this place.
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