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无论您是在此常住,还是单纯的游客,抽出时间探索周边总是充满乐趣的,特别是当有人为您打点安排好了一切的时候,那就更好了。这正是天方夜谭旅行社 (Arabian Nights Tours) 的绝佳服务所在。从沙漠之旅、攀爬徒步,到垂钓航行、潜水,以及参观其他酋长国,天方夜谭旅行社都能为您与家人安排丰富的趣味之旅,尽情享受旅行的乐趣。
天方夜谭旅行社 无论您是在此常住,还是单纯的游客,抽出时间探索周边总是充满乐趣的,特别是当有人为您打点安排好了一切的时候,那就更好了。这正是天方夜谭旅行社 (Arabian Nights Tours) 的绝佳服务所在。从沙漠之旅、攀爬徒步,到垂钓航行、潜水,以及参观其他酋长国,天方夜谭旅行社都能为您与家人安排丰富的趣味之旅,尽情享受旅行的乐趣。
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  • 21 9月 2017
    by NP325
    Geoff is the main man! His 20 year knowledge of Dubai, the desert, the cars and the whole desert safari experience speaks for itself. The good thing with this tour is the restricted amount of vehicles, it enhances the experience once you reach the camp where you are able to comfortably sit, eat, dance, smoke shisha, ride camels, go on sand boards and quad bikes (that's if your stomach has not been thrown into a washing machine after the crazy run through the desert..haha). We witnessed other tour operators who had way too many vehicles and way to many people many of whom looked quite fed up. To anybody who is struggling for a tour operator use Arabian Nights Tours LLC! They will not let you down. :)
  • 17 9月 2017
    by fnshah24
  • Great time with driver Ramzan!
    Arabian Nights was a pleasure to deal with. We used an Entertainer voucher for the Desert Safari including Sandboarding (sidenote: definitely recommend getting the Entertainer book. Saves a lot of money). We were a little apprehensive about the dune bashing as my mom and I both get motion sickness. However, we took some dramamine (Meclizine) prior to the activity and were fine. Dune bashing is a lot less dramatic than it looks, but still a lot of fun. All in all, the views of the desert, dancing shows, and food at the campsite were all very good. Our driver Ramzan was also very accommodating and a pleasure to spend time with. He recommended other things to do while in Dubai and made sure to check that we were okay during the dunebashing since we were afraid of getting sick. I definitely recommend this company and the Safari while you are in Dubai!
  • 12 9月 2017
    by DudesAdrift
  • Enjoy a Day in Oman
    This was a wonderful experience. The only drawback was the pickup service. The driver was not friendly nor informative, and he had to make many pickups all over Dubai. By the time everyone was picked up from hotels and parking lots, we were exhausted. The drive to Oman was pleasant, and once we crossed the border and got on a boat it was great. We spent the day enjoying the awesome scenery, swimming in the sea, snorkeling, eating a nice meal with beverages and just relaxing. Some people rode banana boat. They advertised fishing, but that was not offered to us. The guides on the boat were great by the way. Then the drive back to the hotel was pleasant too, but again with many stops, much longer and more exhausting than necessary. We suggest that this disappointing part of the experience could be eliminated by picking up everyone separately and then delivering everyone to a central point at the same time. Yes, the company would have to employ extra cars and drivers, but they charge enough to do so, and it would be a far more pleasant experience for the guests. I would have gladly paid a little more to avoid the cattle roundup of people. I think perhaps if the driver had been interactive it would not have been so unpleasant, but we as guests really did not know what was going on. We thought he spoke no English, but then we heard him on phone and learned that he did speak English, just not with us. Poor guy, not his fault that he had to run all over town. However we were displeased when he stopped for coffee, and did not offer us the chance to get coffee or use restroom after hours in the van. That was not polite in any language or culture. We started to wonder if we would ever get started to our destination. Fun trip but transportation experience was very unpleasant.




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