在阿斯马克 (Asmak) 品尝新鲜捕获的鱼
渴望鲜鱼吗?那就去尝尝阿斯马克 (Asmak) 地中海风味的当日渔获。选择您喜欢的烹饪方式:简单的烧烤、油炸,或炉烤。菜肴送上来时洋溢着香草与香料的香味,搭配着辣蒜土豆,成为了餐间必点菜肴。 您可以选择坐在室内,也可于室外的木凳上就座。
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  • One to avoid
    We went here for a meal prior to a concert in Irish Village. The restaurant was very quiet - we now know why!!! The service was terrible and the food was shocking. I ordered a shrimp caesar salad. The shrimp were like rubber. My husband ordered grilled fish with chips. The chips were frozen chips and weren't even cooked after 35 minutes waiting time!!! Never again!!!!!
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  • Can be much better!
    Service was great, shisha as well. We ordered Beetroot salad and Hummus which were very good. I love century village but it would have been good if they had some light lebanese music. The grilled Hammour that we also ordered was the worst fish and oily taste my wife and I ever had. French fries were the big home made ones which I really enjoyed.
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  • Food
    What great food and service. It is part of the Mazaj restaurant which is next door and we dined between both restaurants on our seven day stay. The fried calamari and deep fried prawns are to die for and you get a selection of middle eastern dips. Fantastic. Service is also top class.
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