在卡巴纳沙滩小屋 (Beach House Cabana) 共享美食欢乐时光
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  • Huge but wasted potential
    To be fair, we visited Beach House on a Saturday afternoon for lunch, so this review is to be seen within that context. The location and the setting are amazing and give the place a huge potential to be a prime destination for families, couples, tourists or just any type of guests looking for a place to chill out outside during Dubai's cooler months. The outside seating area is actually on the beach and the tables are arranged for approximately 50 to 60 guests. When we arrived, 2 of the best located tables had a "reserved" sign on them but as it turned out, they were kept for unexpected "vip" guests and after some insistence, we were offered one of them. We sat and were greeted by 3 different waiters who seemed unsure about who should take our order. Eventually, one of them came and took our order and we stressed that the our kids' fries should come as soon as available because they were hungry. It was exactly one hour later that the fries arrived, during which time one of the waiters came and remarked that we were not allowed to bring our own water bottle, although he could clearly see that it was our kid's bottle with the mouthpiece - which the restaurant doesn't have anyway! Apart from the fact that we were 8 persons (4 adults, 3 kids and 1 baby), we were seated at a small table for 4 persons. Although the kids were obviously hungry, we weren't offered the bread basket like all the other tables and when the food started to arrive more than a hour after placing the order, it was already between lukewarm and cold. We also noticed that some of the guests who came in and placed their food orders long after us got their food earlier. Apart from it being lukewarm, the food was somewhere between mediocre (fish and chips) and acceptable (pasta). The tomato in my steak sandwich looked and tasted like it was saved from the trash bin while the fries were charred and tasted like they had been fried in very old oil. Although the food was not cheap for what it is, it is definitely no value for the money. You can have more or less the same menu options of better quality for almost half the price at any of Dubai's chain restaurants - less the beachfront setting. Overall, this place has a lot of potential to please but its concept is in desperate need of further refinement and a lot of work on the small details. It appears that the owners/operators have invested a great deal and are trying hard to make it a success. However, it is not clear how the establishment wants to position itself. The qualifications of the staff, menu selection, quality of the food and the service are at best comparable to those of a casual diner. From what we observed, the average turnaround per table was roughly 80-90 minutes, mainly because the service (and kitchen) is slow. This makes for diminished revenues, unhappy (non-returning) guests and a bad reputation in the long run. My suggestion: Turn it into a real prime destination. Improve the quality of the food & the service and people won't mind paying a premium. Or, offer a brunch on the weekend & special lunch menus during the week, both of good quality. The rating: Two stars for the food, four stars for the setting.
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  • Great Pizza, Great View
    Wife and I were staying at the Anantara hotel and took an outdoor table. The view of Dubai skyline was amazing, and the weather was really nice. We ordered a pizza and burger, the pizza was amazing and the chef did a little dough tossing show which was nice. Burger was so so. Overall we enjoyed the meal was nice,
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  • unusually a beach cafe in dubai actually on the beach
    the service is very smiley the juices are wonderful - carrot, apple ginger, or just strawberry - fresh fresh fresh the best part is that you can come off the beach and straight into the cafe, with outdoor seating there are other places to eat here too, an emirate restaurant on the first level and apparently a japanese one on the top with sushi and mocktail bar on top with great views next to Dubai Offshore Sailing Club and the changing rooms on the beach at Jumeira 3
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