在比斯特罗多米诺 (Bistro Domino) 享用巴黎美食
比斯特罗多米诺 (Bistro Domino) 是一家位于宜必思酒店 (Ibis Hotel) 内的成功创意性法国餐馆。这里的装饰时尚而现代,地面为黑白相间的地板,墙上装饰着经典的法国贝雷帽,馆内还有老式木椅。餐馆提供精心准备的菜肴,包括传统的多芬诺伊斯番茄、蒜香黄油蜗牛和完美烹饪的贻贝,还有豪华的甜点,包括包裹巧克力酱的经典冰淇淋泡芙。
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  • Good choice for lunch in Deira
    Bistro Domino is a very lively café at Ibis Hotel Deira City Centre, located across the road from DCC shopping mall. The décor is a pleasant fusion of European designs, and the place is filled with natural light from its outdoor terrace. We had a quick lunch at this café, and both dishes we tried (Seabass and Cordon Bleu), were cooked to perfection and presented well. We would not recommend this café for business lunch or romantic arrangement though, as it is quite noisy. Bistro Domino serves alcohol and parking is available at the basement of Ibis.
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  • Good coffee
    I've only had coffee at Bistro Domino. Options are kinda limited at this Ibis. But Domino offers a respectable place to have a meeting (which I was there for). The outdoor seating area is nice at this time of year. The patterns of the upholstery along the wall-length back support of the interior make my astigmatic eyes go all bonky, so I try and sit outside or, in the hotter months, face the opposite direction. This of course has absolutely no bearing on the quality of the restaurant. What does, is that the coffee is good and service too is good, especially after the morning rush. But my favourite part is that you get 20% off when using your ENBD cards.
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  • Good food. Friendly staff.
    Like the food and service. Today's Specials are a nice touch. Wish they allowed simple substitutions in he Specials such as soft drink instead of coffee. Those types of substitutions seem reasonable. Outdoor dining space looks like it is great for cooler weather.
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