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品味阅读 (Bookmunch) 是迪拜第一家文学咖啡店,由社区设计,为社区服务。除了提供令人垂涎三尺的早、中晚餐美味食物,还为各年龄段提供众多精心挑选的图书。品味阅读同时也为书迷们定期举办各种活动,包括读书会、签名售书和阅读会等。这里有大量的儿童书籍,还有一个大型阅读角,吸引着每个家庭成员。
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  • Great place to get a bite and recommended read
    Love that there are books everywhere - both for kids and adults. The menu is bookishly themed and bespoke interior reminds you of the best in local cafes. If I lived in the neighborhood, I'd be here all the time for an office away from home.
  • Not A Must If You Are A Tourist
    I visited BookMunch cafe last December with my grandpa putting my faith in all the positive reviews I read in multiple places including TripAdvisor. Before I proceed any further, it should be noted that besides Al Wasl Square branch (location at the bottom of this page), there is a new branch which has been recently opened in 2016 in Business Bay, and that was the branch I went to. The taxi driver did not know it, but I directed him using GoogleMaps, which-let’s give it some credits- never fails anyone. It was a Friday morning and I was really looking for their weekend brunch, but it turned out that they have it on Fridays in the Wasl Square branch, and on Saturdays in the Business Bay one. I was a bit disappointed, but we still had the chance to try out some of the desserts they had on display. Grandpa and I fell for the toffee pudding - the waiter recommended it and she didn’t let us down. We tried some other dessert (which I cannot recall its name), and it was good but not as good as the pudding. The main reason I insisted on visiting this cafe was the concept of it merging two things I love - books and food. As for the food I should’ve checked before we went, but the books they had weren’t many. There was this one wall with all the books, and I looked at them, to find out that they all were cookbooks/ food & wine based-books. I don’t know about the other branch, but I think this should have been clarified in all the descriptions I read. Is it only that? Or are there other things on offer? The idea of the cafe is not new. We do have similar places here at home, but I thought since it’s Dubai, and since it’s not my first visit perhaps I shall start thinking of discovering some new places. I was let down a bit because I expected more to be honest. From the reviews I read, I thought the length of the visit would take no less than 3 hours since I’m a “bookaholic” but we ended up taking less than an hour with all the exploration of Business Bay too. As the title suggests I wouldn’t say it’s a must if you are touring the city, especially if you’re doing it for the first time.
  • Perfect brunch
    A cosy corner in AL Safa hidden in a residential complex where you can spend quiet time with friends or reading a book while you munch away. Prices a little in the high side but worth it.
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