在卡萨米亚(Casa Mia)品尝美食盛宴
迷人的卡萨米亚 (Casa Mia) 烹饪经典意大利菜肴多年。菜单上有诱人的各色前菜、主菜和甜点。这里完美炙烤的特级肋骨牛排,伴着美味的炒马铃薯与芝麻菜帕玛森芝士沙拉,回味无穷。餐后务必要为美味的甜点留点肚子,特别是奶油甜馅煎饼卷(卷满了坚果、干果和巧克力的香脆酥皮卷)。
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  • Good food and great ambience
    This is one popular place for great food couple with great ambience. Very popular with locals and tourist alike. Prices are expected from a 5 star hotel in Dubai.
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  • Amazing food and experience
    I don’t usually write reviews, but just couldn’t ignore this experience. I went for dinner at “Casa Mia” restaurant and for personal reasons I had very distinct dietary requirements. So there were a lot of things that I could not eat. However after I spoke to Francisco, he made sure that I get amazing food while still avoiding all the things I mentioned I couldn’t eat. Moreover he also recommended the best wines to pair with the dishes. The waiters and staff were also incredibly fast in serving us and making us feel at home, just like the restaurant’s name. It is definitely a place I will go back to and will recommend to everyone. Thank you Francisco and thank you Casa Mia!
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  • Fantastic food in a great setting.
    Since more than 10 years me and my wife are coming to this restaurants and the standard has always been above average; not easy with regular changes in the staff. Besides the standard menu card, Chef Maurizio is always willing to make a special request dish, like I had the other day when I requested a pasta dish with artisjok. Restaurant Manager Francesco is keeping a close eye that everything is running smoothly and that all guest are treated with respect; not easy when you have so many different nationalities to handle and to please. For us Casa Mia is a absolute save choice when we want to have a fantastic evening.
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