主厨兰卡 (Chef Lanka) 给生活添点料
主厨兰卡 (Chef Lanka) 是一家斯里兰卡小餐馆,以刺激挑战味蕾而闻名。您可以在时尚干净的环境中品尝美味实惠的食物。这里的午餐与晚餐自助都很实惠,您也可以根据菜单单点您喜欢的菜肴与辣度。尝尝出色的帝王鱼咖喱或科胡特烤面包——一种切片烤面包搭配鸡肉、韭菜、番茄与胡萝卜。
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  • Waiters should repeat the order in front of the customer.
    I went there for dinner yesterday 29th June for dinner alone to the restaurant as I seen so far two customer was there before me then one waitress came to me took the order I ask her to bring me a POL PITTU one portion with chicken curry then I been waiting almost 20 minute then she brought me MANI PITTU instead POL PITTU it was very disappointed for me, even when I order I speak with her own my langue very clearly then she argue with me you were ordered MANI PITTU only then I said no I order what I like mostly POL PITTU then she took back the mani pittu she said I will change but I don’t want to wait more time because I was fed-up been long time there then I went to cashier I paid money I left without having food . To enhance your service make sure waiter repeat the orders in front of the customers prevent this kind of mistake.
  • No idea if it's authentic Sri Lankan, but this place is a real gem.
    Stumbled on this place by accident, when I saw that Paragon (where I was heading just up the street) had a 30 person queue outside it. Small place, I was welcomed in by the staff, who were attentive and friendly throughout. I only tried two dishes, but both were delicious. The Sri Lankan crab curry comprised 8 or 9 meaty crab legs nestled in a bowl of aromatic, spicy, creamy coconut curry sauce. The cuttlefish in spicy garlic sauce needs no explanation, with a sauce was strong and hot, with a hint of sweetness. I polished off both dishes in 15 minutes, all for AED 60. Great value. I'll definitely be going back
  • Exceptional Sri Lankan food in a casual restaurant
    It's a small place but it's very clean and the service is good. They have a full Sri Lankan menu and the food is just super. Also they have the wonderful Sri Lankan snacks such as kottu roti, malu bannis, seeni bannis. Yummy😀
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