在大厨馆 (Chef's House) 尽情享用美食
端起盘子,开始在这家实惠的自助餐馆大厨馆 (Chef's House) 品尝各种丰盛的美食。您可以在全球美食,包括印度与欧洲特色菜的沙拉、甜点与菜肴中尽情选取。如果您在迪拜媒体城 (Dubai Media City) 或周边地区工作,位于丽笙酒店 (Radisson Blu) 的这家大厨馆将为您提供便捷的午餐,这里也是您下班后与同事或朋友轻松享用一餐美食的绝佳场所。
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  • Amazing birthday 🎁🎉🎁🎉🎁🎉
    It was An amazing night in such stunning restaurant, food quality and variety is beyond expectations and service was on the same track and special thanks to Ms.Rachelle for her concern and friendly smile. I would definitely recommend Chef House for lovely nights. Enas@NiNi
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  • Interesting quality and variety for the whole family!
    The meals vere generally very good amd the family appreciated a lot the Happy Hour of Business Class rooms at the Lounge every 17H. Sea food was delicious. The lounge is more than comfortable for a family meal, but, mostly, the personnel is very dependable, always available and ready to serve.
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  • Good food and excellent staff
    Attended the BBQ night on Thursday. Food is excellent with all variety of grilled meat, chicken, fish and shrimps. The place is nice and clean and all staff are very active. Also price is very reasonable.
129115_jigsaw_1_Tile 餐厅
在吉格索 (Jigsaw) 享受家庭聚餐
6619_handi_1_Tile 餐厅
在汉提 (Handi) 体验宫廷美食
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在喷泉餐馆(Fountain Restaurant)度过美好的周五
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在香龙 ( Hong Loong) 享用美食
Karachi-Darbar 餐厅
在卡拉奇达巴 (Karachi Darbar) 品尝美食
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