在筷子饭店 (Chopstix) 测试味觉灵敏度
筷子餐馆 (Chopstix) 在2008年以拥有世界最长的筷子而入列《吉尼斯世界纪录大全》。现在,这双筷子就挂在墙上,不容错过。当选了迪拜最受欢饮的中国餐馆,筷子餐馆提供一系列诱人的东方美食。前菜包括香气扑鼻的海鲜云吞汤与馄饨,还有蘸酱黄金虾丸。说到主菜,您可以品尝一份宫保鸡丁,与蒜蓉炒饭搭配更美味。
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  • Thank you William and Sheila!
    We loved this restaurant (situated on the first floor of the Marco Polo Hotel in Deira). The menu had so many choices for us. We were all inclusive and had plenty to eat and drink. We also tried some of the dishes not included in the all inclusive plan which were tempura prawns and lobster. All the food was tasty and delicious and the staff and chefs are really lovely.
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  • An evening spent well!
    A good place to have your dinner. The staff is warm, thank you Julie and the staff (sorry memory loss, forgot your name, she is from Uzbekistan), you two were always smiling, ready to help. Food wise, super food Id say, not costly. I loved that sesame paste I was given, the next day burps are still having traces of sesame :) The only negative I felt was the music from the adjacent restaurant Bombay, well if i wanted bollywood music, I could have gone there direct yeah? But yeah, if you want to eat chinese (that too Indo chinese) and listen to some bollywood music, head to this place. PLS do not forget the sesame paste, its a crime to not taste that!
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  • Yum
    Whilst staying at the Marco Polo Hotel we decided to try one of their restaurants. We chose Chopstix. We had an amazing meal with fried spinach being a delightful surprise. The service was great, the wine chilled and pleasant and the food just fantastic. We loved it.
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