在库博 (Cubo) 享用家庭自制意大利美食
位于宜必思酒店 (Ibis Hotel) 的库博 (Cubo) 餐馆致力于传统家庭自制意大利美食,包括现做意大利面。您可以按菜单点餐,也可从现场烹饪台选取你喜欢的意大利面和搭配的酱料。餐馆的午餐时间会挤满了许多来自各种贸易展览会与会议的人。除了吸引人每周主题夜,夜晚也没有那么拥挤。
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  • Poor Service with an Average meal
    Went for drinks and dinner. Service at the bar was slow and when we tried to go to a table we were told that they were unable to combine the bar bill in the restaurant so could we settle. We ordered a meal and wine in the restaurant and then waited. Service delivery was not good. The meals were pretty average although the salads were good. When the bill arrived we went through a separate payment exercise again as the bar wine could not be invoiced by the restaurant. Surely with systems today this is a formality to fix
  • Very slow and unpolite people
    They dont care... there could be free tables, you can should "excuse me" for minutes but they dont care. Managment should seriously think about changing people because current waiters are expressing by all means "go away".
  • Expensive, patience is a "must"
    Went there for a lunch during an exhibition. As restaurant was quite full, we were told to lunch at the bar supposed to be quicker...but food is prepared in the same kitchen. Ended up waiting over 45 minutes for a few sprawns, for a really disproportioned price. Advice is to eat at the restaurant itself, or even better close-by on one of the terraces 50 meters away that we discovered the day after.
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25º55º 咖啡餐馆
早餐俱乐部 (Breakfast Club)
前来25 55 咖啡小餐馆 (25 55 Café Bistro) 体验航海风情
Al Mansour Dhow 游轮餐会
Dhow Ka Aangan
前来 Dhow Ka Aangan 品尝印度美食
提普塔拉 餐厅
逃往提普塔拉 (Thiptara)
在提普塔拉 (Thiptara) 享受水滨一餐
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