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德科拉 (Der Keller) 的盛宴
隐匿于朱美拉海滩酒店 (Jumeirah Beach Hotel),德克拉 (Der Keller) 是一家十分惬意的餐馆,以砖砌拱门和实心橡木家具作为装饰。在此,您可一边喝着进口饮品,一边品尝着德国的美食,如椒盐脆饼、炸肉排、法兰克福香肠、奶酪火锅,以及丰盛的肉类菜肴。抵挡住面包类前菜的诱惑吧,因为面对如此分量十足的主食,您会想要尽可能多腾点肚子,好去品尝这里的所有美食。
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  • Great German Food
    After the reopening, they have a new German chef. The food is amazing. We loved the Pork knuckle and the belly. Also the sausages and the Rote Grütze was very good. We will definetely be back.
  • Quirky with great beer
    This is a bright yet atmospheric bar offering great German beer and authentic food to go with it. It's certainly something different to try. We only had some snack items (pork belly which was very tasty) as we weren't really hungry but wanted to try something from the unusual selection.
  • Once upon a time...
    it was a nice restaurant. Since the past 10 years we regularly visited The Keller. As German nationals you just need from time to time a Wiener Schnitzel or Pork Knuckles and we always enjoyed this Restaurant. Last weekend we felt that we unfortunately have to break with this tradition. The Pork Knuckle was crispy and looked very pleasant, but the spices have been missing... No taste at all. Besides that the usual large portion of Sauerkraut or general side dishes shrunken to a portion of a Childs dish. The Bratkartoffeln which where usually also excellent have been served mushy with no taste as well... We have been informed that the main Chef is on holiday until September (... holiday for 4 month... not bad...) and the manager will contact us and apologize. We left a business card for his call.. guess what happened.. no call so far...
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