与梦想探险者 (Dream Explorer) 一起享受探险的乐趣
梦想探险者 (Dream Explorer) 是一家提供陆地、海洋、空中与沙漠旅行的冒险旅游公司。公司不仅是中东地区第一家推出喷射快艇的公司,而且还是手动双座沙漠越野汽车的唯一提供公司,助您享受终极沙漠自驾体验。如果您自认是一位冒险活动爱好者,这家公司非常值得您前来咨询。
梦想探险者 梦想探险者 (Dream Explorer) 是一家提供陆地、海洋、空中与沙漠旅行的冒险旅游公司。公司不仅是中东地区第一家推出喷射快艇的公司,而且还是手动双座沙漠越野汽车的唯一提供公司,助您享受终极沙漠自驾体验。如果您自认是一位冒险活动爱好者,这家公司非常值得您前来咨询。 +97144563390梦想探险者/@25.06309060,55.13792433
梦想探险者 +97144563390 阿尔坦亚 5, 哈迪奇·穆罕默德·本·拉希德 55.13792433 25.0630906 星期天 至 星期四 & 星期六 从 09:00 至 18:00
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    POI Opening Timing星期天 至 星期四 & 星期六 从 09:00 至 18:00

    POI Address阿尔坦亚 5, 哈迪奇·穆罕默德·本·拉希德

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  • 13 9月 2014
    by imane o
  • Don't Trust this very bad company
    I bought two tickets and once there they said we have a problem with our boat, please we will contact you tomorrow, after one week and day after day calling them, without effort, we left the dubai city. Even after calling them to refund the two tickets, they rejected our complain. I have the tickets with the same email and phonenumber. Please, don't trust this company and never go there.
  • 25 9月 2013
    by Nemovette
  • Thrills with responsible captain at the helm!!!
    I recently had the pleasure of taking my family on this thrilling ride. Capitan Julianito was nice enough to inform us of the rough seas around the Palm, so we restricted our fun to the Marina area. And my sister in law being not so adventurous, was made to feel comfortable each time the captain wanted execute a high speed maneuver. This show courtesy for all those on board. A most enjoyable time and a magnificent value from the good folks at Cobone. Hope to see this fun ride back again!!! Thanks to Babu and Rohit Bhalla for all their help also. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED...Even for those of us who are chickens..
  • 4 11月 2012
    by Rekha R
  • Splash of Fun !!!
    3 couples with about 5 kids got on to this joy ride thinking it will be a round of Atlantis and JBR and the general skyline view ...After a few instructions , got strapped with life jackets on ...Awesome was the word as the captain zipped us through the water ..MOuths open eyes glued to water ...he raised his hand in a circular motion ...and asked us to grip tight ..and that was the fun the boat actually takes a turn and the fun doubles .. I would recommend this experience for any one who visits dubai and for anyone who lives in dubai and has not done it yet ....




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