El Sur 供应可口的塔帕

El Sur 坐落在威斯汀迪拜港滩赛亚滨海度假村 (Westin Dubai Mina Seyahi Beach Resort & Marina),是一家供应现代西班牙菜的餐厅,为宾客带来高端美食体验,烹制可口的塔帕(采用腌渍的戈达尔橄榄、伊比利亚熟猪肉、大蒜、辣虾制成),还提供其他更丰盛的菜式,夜夜都吸引众多饕客前来品尝。

厨房由八位西班牙厨师掌勺,特色菜是经典西班牙菜(蔬菜什锦蒸饭)、现代西班牙菜(加利西亚风味的章鱼土豆沫)。 您可以在餐厅的阳台上用餐,看夕阳在海的尽头落下,赏阿拉伯海的优美风光。

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  • Something different!
    Having never been before neither myself nor my husband didn't really know what to expect, we had just simply glanced at the reviews which seemed fairly positive. We ended up having the Brunch, which included 14 Tapas dishes, dessert and drinks, all of which were unlimited. There were a nice selection of tapas to choose from: prawns, calamari (which was my favourite), diced fried potatoes, eggs and salami, olives and cheese. We had the nonalcoholic drinks which included fresh juices and a nonalcoholic sangria. That was the most fun part where everyone had to take part in drinking from this very awkward bottle/decanter without dribbling it down your front! They even ran a short competition which was great fun! All in all the service was good, the dishes kept coming and wee were soon stuffed. The atmosphere was very good albeit on the noisy side the only downside for me was that smoking was allowed which really puts me off. I probably won't go again because of that.
  • Great experience!
    Been there with a few friends, and had a great experience. Location is very nice, we started with a few pitchers of sangria and, honestly, we have not been impressed, but when the food came, things definitely got better! Ordered a good number of tapas that we shared, and we loved them all, same for the mains and desserts (the cheesecake was just fantastic!) Even the coffee (espresso) was good, not a common experience in the UAE! Not a cheap place, but given the quality of the food and the location, it would be unfair expecting something much cheaper than that. All in all, a great experience, we'll definitely come back!
  • Great food and atmosphere
    I have been twice to El Sur and I had a great time. If you are looking for a chilled cozy place with good food and drinks, this is the place. I would recommend the Friday brunch, you get to try a variety of tapas (10 different types) and we had Red Sangria. The taste and presentation were good and the staff is friendly. I would also recommend the Mushroom Truffle rice plate.
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