在 Elia 感受希腊的高贵
Elia 餐厅位于大华酒店 (Majestic Hotel),极具希腊风情,但这种希腊风格并不为人们所熟知,这得感谢名厨 Yiannis Baxevanis,他致力于不断挖掘希腊美食的不同方面。 当然,您还是可以品尝到希腊传统美食,比如茄子千层饼、串烤鸡肉等等。 Baxevanis 被人们誉为嗅觉魔术师,因为他能够将花草运用到食物中,疯狂地研制创新美食,为希腊美食注入现代风味。 煎海路米奶酪与无花果酱搭配,再用压碎的黑胡椒和姜调味。 牛肉丸搭配弗洛里纳烤红辣椒黑豌豆色拉,再淋上低脂酸奶酱。 用野生芳草炖海鲈鱼柳,然后铺在奶油调味饭上,再淋上传统的鸡蛋柠檬酱。 相信我们——这些听起来可口的美食吃起来更香。
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  • Greek run restaurant with consistent quality
    Elia is a place that you celebrate your happy moments and take pleasure in their meals, wine (a must) and their hospitality. I had dinner here to celebrate my wife's birthday. Margianna the host is always a lively and bubbly personality, ensuring all guests feel comfortable like as though at her home. She suggested a delicious Greek Merlot Cabernet Franc, balanced in acidity and not too dry, whilst being very reasonable in cost. Everyone has to love the homemade bread basket with the nutritious Carob bread and paired with eggplant purée and choicest olives from Chef Poppy's arsenal. We had a light appetizer - the rocca salad. I wasn't sure what to expect because we get lots of rocca salad in Dubai. But Elia serves food that excites your tastebuds; the salad was served in a noodle meringue, layered with feta, topped with rocca leaves that were tossed lightly in fig vinaigrette and served with a lemon sorbet. Yes, that's what heaven tasted like. We completed the evening having dined on roast lamb in parchment paper which is a tender chunk topped with a light cheese (which retains the moisture). I recommend dipping some bread into the pot to taste the hot pleasure. The meal is accompanied by roasted potatoes, prepared simple and complimentary to the lamb. My wife enjoyed her sea bass and risotto but dug into my potatoes as they were yum! If you want unpretentious service, amazing food and want to dine on a mid level budget, Elia makes you feel like you are A List.
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  • Good Greek food in Old Dubai
    What a great little find in an off the track location in Dubai. Located in the Majestic Hotel in Bur Dubai, this little piece of Greece has a good atmosphere in a cute setting, and best of all it is pocket friendly. The chicken Souvlaki is the best I have had in a long time. Prices are below Aed100 (Rib Eye at Aed 73!!!) and serves Alcohol too... I would say stay away from the Taramasalata, but everything else is great...
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  • Birthday 🎂 dinner
    The service here is second to none, they have very professional staff right from the entrance. We came here for my brothers birthday celebration and the service team did not dissapoint at all. The follow the service sequence to the latter, as if that was not enough, they organised some people to sing happy birthday for my bro. Cynthia and Jane will make you feel like you are home away from home. I will definitely come back.
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