在富果 (Fuego) 探索新美食
如果您喜欢墨西哥美食和现代餐馆,不妨前往富果 (Fuego) 坐坐。位于迪拜市中心 (Downtown Dubai) 的这家现代餐馆拥有现代的装修环境,提供一系列颇具创意的知名墨西哥菜肴。说到前菜,不妨尝尝这里的牛油果酱,按照个人的口味现场制作,并盛放于火山石碗中。这里的招牌菜还有烤羔羊腿——烹饪与盛都在香蕉叶中,并搭配仙人掌果与扁面包。
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  • Good food, poor service
    We heard a lot about Fuego so decided to check it out. When we arrived, there was no one in the restaurant, that should've been our first clue something was wrong but we proceeded anyway. We spent 10 minutes outside reading the menu, and then went inside. Once inside, we spent another 10 minutes reading the menu, ordered the 'made at the table guacamole' and then read the menu for another ten minutes before placing our order. Only after placing our order did the waiter mention that 'our fridge is not working so the items you ordered are not available'. This information could've been told to us in the multiple times he saw us reading the menu - but no information was ever relayed. In the end, we ate our guacamole and then left. The guacamole was really good but it did not compensate for the poor service
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  • Incompetent management
    We currently in this place now, coming for food and some drinks, first they have a big sign on the front door with a Big 50% off drinks, but it don't said until you seat down and order that it's good after 11pm, no problem we order fajitas and some wines, the food was good but the wine after the second one they change it, I ask the server to change it because it's not the same and he insist many times it was, I ask to speak with the manager and he can't even come to our table, we have to go to see him to get the glass of wine change. Manager is really bad as the service is too. I don't recommend this place to anyone.
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  • 99 AED deal not honoured
    The food at this venue is good but very pricy. They are running an offer on their website but do not honour it at the restaurant. The manager is very inexperience in running an establishment and poor at customer service. Also no toilet facilities, guess are required to use toilet facilities in the mall. Avoid this place.
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