在玻璃屋餐馆 (Glasshouse Brasserie) 品尝地中海美食
如果您正在寻找一家时髦精致的餐厅享用美食,但又不想花费太多,那就前往希尔顿的玻璃屋餐馆 (Glasshouse Brasserie) 吧!这家明朗现代的欧式餐馆提供众多地中海经典美食,从意大利面食到调味饭,再到主菜海鲜与超值牛排,也供应美味又独具创意的全素食。
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  • 星期五的早午餐
  • Cheap ingredients, poor taste & variety, too expensive but friendly crew
    Last Friday my husband and me went for the Friday brunch to this place. Friday Brunch in Dubai - especially in a 4 and 5 star hotel - means usually that you will find an amazing buffet variety of different types of food in high quality and a wide variety of dishes from all over the world ( for example: like tiger/king prawns, oysters, steaks, different lamb and other meat dishes cooked in a different from all over the world...) for a good value of money. It is the culinary flagship for a restaurant in Dubai. Unfortunately this was the most frustrating brunch we ever had for a long time. There was a poor variety of dishes, almost no taste of any dish whatever we tried or the only taste you could find was mainly oil - for example the hash browns, sausages and even the bacon were dripping of oil (see photo) and you could see in every dish that the restaurant used the almost cheapest ingredients you can find here in town to cook this dishes. I would not mind if they would offer it for only 99 AED/ca. 23 EUR per person but it was far more than this. We also have been there approx. 3 years ago there and experienced the same disaster. So even in the past 3 years they didn't changed anything. Very frustrating if you compare it with all other brunch offers in Dubai. The only good thing I can mention was the super friendly and professional staff. Thanks to them our weekend day was not completely "lost".
  • Lovely Dining Experince !
    Stayed at Hiton Dubai Creek and had breakfast at the all dining restaurant " Glasshouse " which is a very nice place to dine , good decent ambience and the most beautiful part in the people over there, team is so friendly and helpful who try all the possible ways to engage with the guest . Even though they were very busy but still they find time to spent time with my baby and entertain him well , would like to thank Jobin , Valeria and Audriel who really went out of the box in their service . Jobin was so helpful and professional and he truely deserves a recognition . Thanks alot for the nice experience.
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