在古纳兹咖啡餐馆 (Gulnaz Restaurant & Cafe) 享用美食
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    The reason of visiting particular place was obviously wanting to taste something from my country, which is Uzbekistan, Tashkent. The cuisine is very nice, tasty I can say. Tried couple varieties of traditional cuisine and was delighted. Will definitely come back with my friends.
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  • amazing food and very cheap for dubai
    superb clean friendly environment with the food to match, definitely highly recommend as we tried various dishes and they were all brilliant
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  • Great food, awesome service, quirky decor
    Loved our first visit to Gulnaz. Such a varied menu, everything we ordered was fresh and delicious. We don't know much about Uzbek/Russian food but I have every intention of sampling more of it now! Mixed Grill is very good for the non adventurous. I just looked at the pictures and went for a small selection of starters and cabbage stuffed with minced meat as my main course. Already planning my next visit to sample some of the salads. Prices are reasonable for the Marina area and service was great. Thank you for taking the time to explaining some of the Uzbek traditions and dishes to us. I'm not sure how our waiters name is spelled, the translation is "the king's soul", so if the management is reading this, you will hopefully know who served us. His English was good and he was super helpful. The restaurant is opposite the JBR tram station, very easy to get to. P.S. not a food blogger, just love food! We very happily paid for our meal.
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