在天堂水疗 (Heavenly Spa) 放松身心
位于米纳赛亚威斯汀酒店 (Westin Mina Seyahi) 的天堂水疗 (Heavenly Spa) 于一众豪华水疗中心脱颖而出。这里的理疗师能让您在温馨舒适的环境与时尚的风格中快速进入放松状态。您还可享受招牌护理天堂按摩 (Heavenly Massage)——一种四手同步按摩。除了按摩,中心还提供面部护理、身体护理,以及包括蜜蜡脱毛与手足美容在内的美容护理。
天堂水疗 位于米纳赛亚威斯汀酒店 (Westin Mina Seyahi) 的天堂水疗 (Heavenly Spa) 于一众豪华水疗中心脱颖而出。这里的理疗师能让您在温馨舒适的环境与时尚的风格中快速进入放松状态。您还可享受招牌护理天堂按摩 (Heavenly Massage)——一种四手同步按摩。除了按摩,中心还提供面部护理、身体护理,以及包括蜜蜡脱毛与手足美容在内的美容护理。 +97145117901天堂水疗 /@25.09317062,55.14892743
天堂水疗 +97145117901 迪拜迈纳塞亚威斯汀海滩度假酒店及码头 , 马尔萨迪拜, 朱美拉 55.14892743 25.09317062 星期天 至 星期六 从 08:00 至 22:00
  • Heavenly-Spa
  • 天堂水疗

    POI Opening Timing星期天 至 星期六 从 08:00 至 22:00

    POI Address迪拜迈纳塞亚威斯汀海滩度假酒店及码头 , 马尔萨迪拜, 朱美拉

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    23 8月 2017
    by WorldofTravel88
  • Chaotic and understaffed
    My experience at the Spa was disappointing. I felt alone most of the time- they seem to be understaffed, as I could not find anyone to help me in the changing/facilities area without exiting and going in my bathrobe to the Reception. Tiny Jacuzzi, sauna and steam but acceptable for a Spa of this size. Had a relaxing massage which was executed in an emotionless way and felt boring. The therapist could not adjust to the pressure I was asking for and I felt like she was not properly trained. There was also zero engagement. Since I arrived in the evening it felt as if she was rushing to go home. She dropped me in the relaxation room ,which was not relaxing as they started cleaning outside. Loved the retail area, which is the only reason I gave 2 stars.
  • Rating Image
    19 8月 2017
    by WildFlower143
  • Not up to 5 star standard
    Check in at the reception was very emotionless with no connection/interaction. There was only 1 gentleman available, so he just pointed us in the direction of the changing area. Was given a locker that was already occupied and the locking system seemed to not be working upon which the Receptionist (male) entered to help- Not acceptable behavior. I would have expected him to get a female colleague/ therapist. Facilities are tiny- small Jacuzzi, steam and sauna. The entire facility area was dirty with left over items and bathrobes from previous guests. I did not see a single staff member during the 2 hours I was there. No separate changing rooms, so you have to change in the toilet. The treatment (aroma oil) was okay but nothing special, though the therapist was friendly. After the treatment I was escorted to a small relaxation area, that had no relaxing effect, as cleaners started to scrub the floors almost an hour before closing! This was quite audible, which is why I left after 2 minutes. Overall unfortunately an underwhelming experience!
  • Rating Image
    2 4月 2017
    by Dorothy D
    My husband and I were recently on holiday in Dubai and had an amazing massage ,sauna , steam room and jacouzzi experience . Reception staff and therapists were welcoming and friendly . Our massages were excellent and the peaceful and relaxing surroundings of this Spa are amazing . Loved our experience and would highly recommend this hotel Spa and Gym facilities . A wonderful heavenly place to be whether working out or relaxing in the Spa facilities.





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