在爱查尔海滩俱乐部 (I-Chill Beach Lounge) 放松身心
爱查尔海滩俱乐部 (I-Chill Beach Lounge)位于迪拜标志性棕榈岛的里克索斯酒店 (Rixos Hotel),是一家炫酷的海滩俱乐部,拥有迷人的城市天际全景。会所坐落于酒店海滩的中心,供应众多精选可口饮品,每日有驻场乐队表演现场娱乐活动。无论作为夜生活的开始站还是最后一站,爱查尔海滩俱乐部都是非常棒的选择。营业时间从晚上7点开始至凌晨1点。
爱查尔海滩俱乐部 爱查尔海滩俱乐部 (I-Chill Beach Lounge)位于迪拜标志性棕榈岛的里克索斯酒店 (Rixos Hotel),是一家炫酷的海滩俱乐部,拥有迷人的城市天际全景。会所坐落于酒店海滩的中心,供应众多精选可口饮品,每日有驻场乐队表演现场娱乐活动。无论作为夜生活的开始站还是最后一站,爱查尔海滩俱乐部都是非常棒的选择。营业时间从晚上7点开始至凌晨1点。 +97144575454爱查尔海滩俱乐部/@25.12109134,55.15371404
爱查尔海滩俱乐部 +97144575454 迪拜棕榈岛雷克索斯酒店, 朱美拉纳克拉特, 朱美拉 55.15371404 25.12109134 星期天 至 星期六 从 09:00 至 01:00, 公共假期 从 09:00 至 01:00
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  • 爱查尔海滩俱乐部

    POI Opening Timing星期天 至 星期六 从 09:00 至 01:00, 公共假期 从 09:00 至 01:00

    POI Address迪拜棕榈岛雷克索斯酒店, 朱美拉纳克拉特, 朱美拉

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    20 5月 2017
    by DubaiFalcon
  • Amazing open sky club atmosphere
    The place is now called "El Chiringuito" - but forget about the name change, this place is one of the best outdoor clubs in Dubai. Try to come early (to get access), enjoy the beach, fancy and posh people, and dance to awesome music till the morning. Definitely not the last time that I went there ...
  • Rating Image
    18 9月 2016
    by Parchmondo
  • Went to see Busta Rhymes, disappointing night!
    Had to go and see Bussa Buss but how disappointing! The club was supposed to be open from 7.30pm but we were turned away after being told it wouldn't be open until 10pm! Went to the bar (it's actually called the bar) and wish we'd have stayed there. Great night, fun karaoke. Good party atmosphere once everyone got involved. We went to the club at 10pm. It did get packed in there. Not the best venue space wise as everyone seems to cram into the one area to dance unless you get a table. Now considering not many tables were taken they took a heck of a lot of space that could've been utilised much better for people who just wanted to get on the dance floor. It seems that getting people to pay for tables was far more important to them and it just didn't work very well. As for Busta...well we were long gone by the time he must've arrived. I heard he turned up about 1.30am? Boo you Busta, boo you!
  • Rating Image
    1 9月 2016
    by Bharat M H
  • Nice evening out
    Had been here for their 1st Anniversary, and it was insane. Fridays are pretty good out here during the winter season. They start early and wrap it by 11 or max 12 and have international acts most of the Fridays. The only issue is reaching there, its 20 mins drive after entering the palm island, in one corner of the crescent.





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