在印度宫殿 (India Palace) 像皇室一样用餐
如果您想品尝美味与实惠的印度菜肴,不妨前往印度宫殿 (India Palace)。这家餐馆在城内有七家分店,每一家都提供一系列精选香气扑鼻的印度菜肴。莫卧儿菜肴受印度西北边疆与伟大的印度宫殿时代启发,食物在粘土烤炉或筒状泥炉烹饪而成。特色菜包括咖喱、烤肉串与各色蔬菜。餐馆内部装修富丽堂皇,装饰有手工打磨的黑木制品。
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    This restaurant has a very nice atmosphere and decor with a good variety of tasty vegetarian and non-vegetarian food, with the emphasis being more on the former.The staff were very helpful and friendly.However, the variety in the dessert section was only limited to 2 items which was disappointing.All in all a good place to visit.
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  • Superb Quality, Superb Value for money, Super Decor and Service
    Shall I repeat what I mentioned in the title: Superb Quality, Superb Value for money, Super Decor and Service. a place where take parents for dinner, wife for a lovely romantic night, friends for some great food. there's no place in Dubai more authentic and pleasant. I discovered it from only two weeks, but I mad about it. Value for money crazy, a super deal for the great quality you receive. Top top top
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  • Happy meal at India Palace !!!
    I have visited the restaurant a few times and have always been satisfied with the food and service India Palace offers. It has an Indian Palace Style décor literally. The dishes are full of taste and flavors leaving you with an intriguing feeling of visiting another time. One could actually feel the love involved in preparing the most delicious dishes. Special thanks to the Chef who prepares Biryani’s. Masala Papad along with the choice of chutney's were good. Staff is courteous and well aware of their dishes while helping you in choosing the best ones. The food, décor, ambience, staff (uniform) is carefully chosen to transport you to the Mughal Era. Would love to try their Buffet someday.
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