与迪拜爱飞行员 (iPilot Dubai) 一起体验飞行乐趣
您可以通过飞行员练习使用的逼真模拟器实现飞行的梦想,驾驶波音737或空中巴士A380。迪拜爱飞行员 (iPilot Dubai),位于迪拜购物中心 (The Dubai Mall) 与密尔迪夫市中心 (Mirdif City Centre),让您在封闭式驾驶舱内一饱浸入式驾驶体验。您可以在24000多个全球机场练习起飞与着陆能力。还有经验丰富的前飞行员提供指导,让您通过实践体验学习驾驶。还有礼包相送哦。
迪拜爱飞行员 您可以通过飞行员练习使用的逼真模拟器实现飞行的梦想,驾驶波音737或空中巴士A380。迪拜爱飞行员 (iPilot Dubai),位于迪拜购物中心 (The Dubai Mall) 与密尔迪夫市中心 (Mirdif City Centre),让您在封闭式驾驶舱内一饱浸入式驾驶体验。您可以在24000多个全球机场练习起飞与着陆能力。还有经验丰富的前飞行员提供指导,让您通过实践体验学习驾驶。还有礼包相送哦。迪拜爱飞行员/@25.19704137,55.27946800
迪拜爱飞行员 迪拜购物中心, 哈利法塔, 扎比尔 55.279468 25.19704137 星期天 至 星期六 从 10:00 至 24:00, 公共假期 从 10:00 至 24:00
  • iPilot-Dubai
  • 迪拜爱飞行员

    POI Opening Timing星期天 至 星期六 从 10:00 至 24:00, 公共假期 从 10:00 至 24:00

    POI Address迪拜购物中心, 哈利法塔, 扎比尔

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  • Rating Image
    29 7月 2017
    by Naser A
  • Worth the cost
    Went there as a flight sim enthusiast! had a bit of experience flying small planes on my PC (FSX) but was intimated by airliners until the captain walked me through it and guided me to take off and land a B737 around Dubai! I got the 30min package and had enough time to land twice with two different approaches! highly recommended if you love planes as much as I do and want to try playing around a cockpit! small tip: You may wanna save your money and not get the diploma and every available merchandise in there, I went a bit crazy on that haha.
  • Rating Image
    17 3月 2017
    by Shamsa01
  • Kids love it
    Amazing that kids can learn co quickly how to fly. I want them to be pilots, but they want to be engineers. What an upside-down world :D
  • Rating Image
    7 1月 2017
    by John A
  • Great hour spent behind the yoke of a 737....
    I was given a voucher to use at iPilot. After a brief introduction and a short wait as the simulator was being used, I was warmly welcomed. After a good explanation as to what was what, you were soon hurtling down the runway at DXB and onto our next destination. I flew in and out of Hong Kong at night. I flew along the river into Buttan which is the hardest airport to fly into. I was asked out of 20,000 airports as to which I wanted to fly in which I chose Cape Town. It felt so good to do this. It taught me that it's not so easy to hurtle down a runway just using your feet to keep the airplane in a straight line until you reach 130 knots before pulling back on the yoke..... You get to choose on choosing the headings and so get to follow the navigational aids to match. You get to line up the runways by making use of the red or orange lights... If there are any people out there, want to get away from it whilst girlfriend/ wife/ lover is shopping then pop in for a good spend for an hour. Highly recommended!!





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