在杰米意大利餐馆 (Jamie's Italian) 享用美食
杰米意大利餐馆 (Jamie's Italian) 的丰盛意大利美食包括出众的开胃前菜与一系列精选的美味传统菜肴,以及新鲜的创新意大利面,份量十足。说到主菜,不妨尝一尝这里的汉堡、牛排与杰米招牌烘烤纸包鱼,还有一众丰富的美味甜点。虽然这只是一家特许专营店,但可以看出老板对餐馆所倾注的爱与心血。这里休闲的气氛也非常适合家庭聚餐。
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  • Evening Out
    Excellent time out with a friend, nice burger and pasta. Nice view and a cool evening breeze. Would go again.
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  • If I were Jamie.......
    I'd dispose of this restaurant as it does nothing to enhance my brand. The location: at the 'back end' of the Jumeirah Beach hotel with limited (and narrow) outside dining opposite the gym and tennis courts (ie no real view). The ambiance: inside - reminiscent of a motorway service station; outside - too bright and uncomfortable. And the place is generally showing wear and tear scars and in need of a make-over. Fixtures and fittings: inside - American diner-style bench seats that appear second hand; outside - the most uncomfortable chairs (hard Victorian iron garden seats re-visited). Weird: the toilets are marked M and F in a trendy script - not easy, one imagines for an international clientele. Worse, the decor is B&Q meets IKEA meets the M1 (again) Worse: the food. Our spaghetti with crab was light on the crab (both to the eye as well as the taste); our 'evening's special' sea bream was overcooked and, like the accompnying potatoes, dominated by a tomato and onion sauce lacking taste, salt and pepper or anything remotely reminscent of Italy. Worse still: the tiramisu, which should be light despite the calorie potential, was as heavy as lead. In summary, food for thought, not for taste. Positive: the service. Smiling and efficient. Viator Coloniae
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  • Great food but bad service
    Our waiter was rude and didn't care, she never told us the special of the day, n when we asked 4 help with the menu she was hopeless l. Rose the waiter needs to bring plates when she's asked without asking ( again ?? ) well yes again ma'am we didn't need it before but do now!! Anyway, ravioli nachos, squash ravioli, burger and spaghetti n meat balls were the winners of our orders.
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