在朱玛阿尔玛吉德中心 (Juma Al Majid Center) 锻炼大脑
朱玛阿尔玛吉德文化遗产中心 在这个鲜为人知的图书馆和研究中心抓住训练大脑的机会。在这里,除了来自上个世纪之交的迪拜黑白照片外,您还会发现成千上万的伊斯兰史书、时事、3000本期刊和古籍善本,其中许多以精美的书法撰写。访客可以在此参考图书馆的阅览室中阅读任何书籍。 +97146074600朱玛阿尔玛吉德文化遗产中心/@25.2737536,55.3381748
朱玛阿尔玛吉德文化遗产中心 +97146074600 霍尔阿尔安茨, 德拉 55.3381748 25.2737536 从 08:00 至 17:00, 星期四 从 08:00 至 13:00
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  • 朱玛阿尔玛吉德文化遗产中心

    POI Opening Timing 从 08:00 至 17:00, 星期四 从 08:00 至 13:00

    POI Address霍尔阿尔安茨, 德拉

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  • 24 4月 2017
    by Kulbhushan A
  • Different and Unique
    We went to Al Majid Heritage cented for their tour and lunch package. Helped us understand their culture and traditions. The speaker was really informed and well-versed with English also.
  • 12 2月 2013
    by Rebmex
  • Breakfast or Lunch Cultural Experience
    This is located in the Basktaya Heritage Area. We made a lunch reservation the day before, so I don't think you have to plan too far ahead. Everyone sits on cushions or the floor to eat.while a speaker answers questions. Food was good, it did last about two hours and I was not totally satisfied with all the explanations, such as it would be nice to cover yourself if you are a woman and have a bad hair day.
  • 12 6月 2012
    by nadia2323
  • Understanding a different POV
    We went to the Heritage and Cultural Center for the Basktaya Heritage tour and lunch. The atmosphere was interesting and open. About 15 tourists sitting on a carpet around a table and a local speaker. The speaker was an Emirat muslim who had lived in the US for 25 years and worked in IT in North Carolina, had teenager kids born in the US and decided to return to UAE (probably to protect some serious investments) with his entire family. He understood and was comfortable with western culture and at the same time wore the traditional white robe and hat ( and told us his wife wore the full black robe). He talked to us for about 1 hr about the cultural reasons behind many of the 'islam' rules. It was interesting to hear how most rules did not derive directly from the Koran, were not a product of religion but the result of traditions. At times even a fashion statement, although I am still not convinced that women feel more comfortable behind their head-to-toe black cover... even trying to convince me would require a much longer and deeper discussion on why women are so insecure that they need to hide from society in that way. Men are not THAT important to us! We, westerners, of course mostly listened and tried to ask a few provoking questions without pushing the subject too much. I don't think any westerner, especially woman, could walk out of that lunch accepting the very superficial justifications given but at the same time it was an interesting experience and a positive step towards understanding each other. And the food was good




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