在弹跳盒子 (Jump Boxx) 欢乐健身
来迪拜最新的蹦床公园享受蹦跳的乐趣!这是一家占地22000平方英尺的互联蹦床公园。独特的设计包括躲避球、扣篮和泡沫坑等,各年龄段的人们都能在这里找到乐趣,还能体验到心跳加速的感觉,燃烧卡路里,促进健康。弹跳盒子 (Jump Boxx) 适合三岁以上的儿童,全家人都能在这里体验欢乐。这里还提供预定生日派对服务。
弹跳盒子 来迪拜最新的蹦床公园享受蹦跳的乐趣!这是一家占地22000平方英尺的互联蹦床公园。独特的设计包括躲避球、扣篮和泡沫坑等,各年龄段的人们都能在这里找到乐趣,还能体验到心跳加速的感觉,燃烧卡路里,促进健康。弹跳盒子 (Jump Boxx) 适合三岁以上的儿童,全家人都能在这里体验欢乐。这里还提供预定生日派对服务。 +97142885744弹跳盒子/@25.22385156,55.42473137
弹跳盒子 +97142885744 密尓迪夫上城, 密尔迪夫, 穆什里夫 55.42473137 25.22385156 星期四 至 星期五 从 10:00 至 23:00, 星期六 从 10:00 至 22:00, 星期天 至 星期三 从 12:00 至 22:00
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    POI Opening Timing星期四 至 星期五 从 10:00 至 23:00, 星期六 从 10:00 至 22:00, 星期天 至 星期三 从 12:00 至 22:00

    POI Address密尓迪夫上城, 密尔迪夫, 穆什里夫

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    1 10月 2017
    by Thilina J
  • Awesome time with kids and families
    Had my son's birthday at Jump Box - Mirdif and they loved it. Staff were friendly and lots of activities for one hour. Goody bags in Jump Box bag were awesome and kids love it. Not happy with the food options that they have as they do not allow outside food only food to be selected from their limited options. Also we were requested order food before hand which ended up with less food for visitors. They will allow the parents to enter with socks but not allowed to take part with kids as it was only paid for kids party.
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    30 9月 2017
    by NadsinDubai
  • Great for young kids but very loud!
    This is perfect for a hot day to release your kids energy! There's a soft play area for young toddlers as well as the trampoline park so there's something to suit all age groups. It's not crowded but they putt the music too loud so it's difficult to speak without screaming! I complained about this when I first arrived and they did turn it down a notch but I think the experience can be vastly improved by catering more to the adults as well as the kids. I could barely hear my children and they could barely hear me! The muffins at the cafe were delicious. overall good value for money.
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    16 7月 2017
    by Lassad B
  • Best summer camp
    My son had the best experience ever joining the summer camp. Friendly staff they planning different type of activities dodgeball tournaments fitness activities boxing many other different educational and fun activities looooooooooooove it my son is really on a save hands He will definitely be back





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