在弹跳盒子 (Jump Boxx) 欢乐健身
来迪拜最新的蹦床公园享受蹦跳的乐趣!这是一家占地22000平方英尺的互联蹦床公园。独特的设计包括躲避球、扣篮和泡沫坑等,各年龄段的人们都能在这里找到乐趣,还能体验到心跳加速的感觉,燃烧卡路里,促进健康。弹跳盒子 (Jump Boxx) 适合三岁以上的儿童,全家人都能在这里体验欢乐。这里还提供预定生日派对服务。
弹跳盒子 来迪拜最新的蹦床公园享受蹦跳的乐趣!这是一家占地22000平方英尺的互联蹦床公园。独特的设计包括躲避球、扣篮和泡沫坑等,各年龄段的人们都能在这里找到乐趣,还能体验到心跳加速的感觉,燃烧卡路里,促进健康。弹跳盒子 (Jump Boxx) 适合三岁以上的儿童,全家人都能在这里体验欢乐。这里还提供预定生日派对服务。 +97142885744弹跳盒子/@25.22385156,55.42473137
弹跳盒子 +97142885744 密尓迪夫上城, 密尔迪夫, 穆什里夫 55.42473137 25.22385156 星期四 至 星期五 从 10:00 至 23:00, 星期六 从 10:00 至 22:00, 星期天 至 星期三 从 12:00 至 22:00
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    POI Opening Timing星期四 至 星期五 从 10:00 至 23:00, 星期六 从 10:00 至 22:00, 星期天 至 星期三 从 12:00 至 22:00

    POI Address密尓迪夫上城, 密尔迪夫, 穆什里夫

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  • 16 7月 2017
    by Lassad B
  • Best summer camp
    My son had the best experience ever joining the summer camp. Friendly staff they planning different type of activities dodgeball tournaments fitness activities boxing many other different educational and fun activities looooooooooooove it my son is really on a save hands He will definitely be back
  • 28 4月 2017
    by Shivani S
  • Very bad experience - my son's birthday party
    We celebrated my son's 5th birthday at jumpbox today and our experience was very bad. Firstly, we had been in touch with them for the last 1.5 months now and they had committed certain services to us which did not even get offered ultimately. This was a birthday party where we had upto 40 kids. 1. We were told that we will get two party hosts as part of our package, but we were given only one and we were charged for the second one which wasn't told to us until on the day of the party. We were charged extra at the last minute which was unreasonable . Whatever we discussed and agreed should ideally be documented and sent to us via email so that we all are clear but that didn't happen and hence it created a lot of last minute disagreements and confusion 2. At the party today, some kids picked up something from an outsiders table, the jumpbox people came to us while we were bidding our guests goodbye and started questioning us about it and they wanted us to check with our guest and their kids if they have taken it. This was ridiculous, if someone has lost something, why should we be held responsible for it , I could not even bid a proper bye to my guests as I was trying to resolve this issue, very bad and unreasonable behavior of the staff 3. The food wasn't served on time as promised, the staff wasn't enough to serve the food, a single person was serving 49 kids until I offered to serve just so that kids get the food quickly, and it was all very disorganized , kids were thirsty but water wasn't provided on time either... very badly managed 4 Inspite of the venue being great in terms of facilities for the kids ,the customer service and the overall experience with the staff was so bad that we would never ever recommend anyone to host a birthday party in jump box My serious recommendation to all the parents, please think twice before you host the party there and if you do, make sure you take each and everything in writing from them and are guided properly on all the overheads from the beginning, they really tend to mislead and there is no medium of service recovery.
  • 19 4月 2017
    by Zyrup E.d B
  • Aced birthday party
    They made my nephew's birthday party a memorable one! Well organized and friendly host as well. 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼




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