与越野 (Just Gas It) 一起拓宽视野
如果您想骑着轻骑冒险,越野 (Just Gas It) 能满足您的所有需求。这家迪拜公司按天、周末和工作日出租越野轻型摩托车,还提供带导游的跟团旅行服务,带您穿越那些最适合轻型摩托车的路线。公司拥有一支技术高超的骑手队伍,您可以根据自己的水平选择一条路线,从最温和的沙丘到最疯狂的崎岖山路,多种路线,任君选择。
越野 如果您想骑着轻骑冒险,越野 (Just Gas It) 能满足您的所有需求。这家迪拜公司按天、周末和工作日出租越野轻型摩托车,还提供带导游的跟团旅行服务,带您穿越那些最适合轻型摩托车的路线。公司拥有一支技术高超的骑手队伍,您可以根据自己的水平选择一条路线,从最温和的沙丘到最疯狂的崎岖山路,多种路线,任君选择。越野/@25.13457154,55.52510826
越野 梅瑞伊尓, 阿尔阿威尔 55.52510826 25.13457154 星期天 至 星期六 从 00:00 至 24:00
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    POI Opening Timing星期天 至 星期六 从 00:00 至 24:00

    POI Address梅瑞伊尓, 阿尔阿威尔

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    1 4月 2017
    by Rougetete
  • An exhilarating experience! Go for it!
    The team at Just Gas It was absolutely terrific! I am a very inexperienced rider and they made me feel comfortable and were incredibly patient with my gear shifting challenges. We had an amazing early morning ride and saw some wonderful desert scenery along the way. They are very professional and made certain to match the equipment with my skill level. I used a camera to film my exploits and came away with some fabulous footage. I would highly recommend these guys for a great adventure in the Dubai desert. [May 2013]
  • Rating Image
    14 11月 2016
    by mounir_elaichaoui
  • MX on dunes
    Very exhilirating experience, Very warm welcome. The 450 is just perfect for this. Highly reccomended
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    21 10月 2016
    by Ombrey
  • Amazing desert adventure
    Just Gas It is absolutely amazing - we did 2 tours with the KTM dirt bikes with them so far and we will come back for more. The team does a great job, booking is super fast and easy and the staff at the base helpful and friendly. Equipment is a bit used but in full working condition and well maintained. The tours have been tailored to the riders and there experience, and the guides are giving a lot of helpful tipps. Scenery is also quite nice, you will see camels and that sort of things. From all the things you can do around dubai this is a must if you enjoy some action and adventure. One thing that should be improved for first time visitors is only the marking of the pick up location if you drive out there by yourself. The Google maps location provided is accurate, but since there is not really anything there a small signboard or so would definitely help.





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