套上冲浪服,绑好系带,站起身来,开启阿拉伯海湾惊人的冒险之旅吧!  风筝冲浪俱乐部位于风筝海滩(在日落购物中心后面),保证您在学完一期的课程后,可以独立体验风筝冲浪。

完美课程得益于迪拜阳光明媚的天气,训练中心专门设计的设备,以及热情和高素质的教练,他们会时刻伴在您左右,风筝冲浪俱乐部让风筝冲浪学习变得如履平地般从容。 因此,带上您的冲浪板,在阳光明媚的午后体会冲浪带来的乐趣吧。


套上冲浪服,绑好系带,站起身来,开启阿拉伯海湾惊人的冒险之旅吧!  风筝冲浪俱乐部位于风筝海滩(在日落购物中心后面),保证您在学完一期的课程后,可以独立体验风筝冲浪。

完美课程得益于迪拜阳光明媚的天气,训练中心专门设计的设备,以及热情和高素质的教练,他们会时刻伴在您左右,风筝冲浪俱乐部让风筝冲浪学习变得如履平地般从容。 因此,带上您的冲浪板,在阳光明媚的午后体会冲浪带来的乐趣吧。迪拜风筝冲浪学校/@25.16445148,55.20808683
迪拜风筝冲浪学校 风筝海滩 , 乌姆苏克穆 1, 朱美拉 55.20808683 25.16445148
  • Kite Surf Club
  • 迪拜风筝冲浪学校

    POI Address风筝海滩 , 乌姆苏克穆 1, 朱美拉

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  • 4 12月 2016
    by Ines M
  • Why so many rules?It's just a beach
    Kite beach has had some nice renovations works - it has a lot more restaurants, a jogging track, more sports - however, it also has some absurd rules (i guess it comes with the place). ONLY running in the jogging track, no bycicles, roler skates or skateboards. The bathing area has been reduced because of the kytes, which is fair, but even if there are NO kytes there you cannon use that area to swim...(???!). An annoying life guard wil not let go of his annoying whistle until you leave. Basically, this leaves you with a stretch of beach completely empty, and another one completely cramped up (very smart 👍🏽). Parking is a bit expensive, but oh well. Wifi advertised at the beach does not work (yet). The beach itself might be the nicest in Dubai, but don't expect it to be something amazing.
  • 3 3月 2016
    by Yahya M
  • Fantastic beach
    Kite beach is fantastic family beach with 5 star facility's it has access for disable people on wheal chair lots of nice fast food places ice cream juice places and children play areas but you have to pay for these facilities this place have newly built running track as well and of course you can enjoy beautiful kits fraying over beautiful beach and it also have newly built beautiful mosque
  • 20 12月 2015
    by isssssss
  • Too westernize!
    Visited the beach while waiting for my room to be ready since ridiculous check in time at 1500 even though we arrived at 7 am and by the time we reached hotel at 0800am.Our 2nd trip but were shocked to see as if we are not in the Middle first I thought I was watching Bay watch !So many westerners and were seen wearing bathing suits and sexy outfits ,shorts ,tank tops ,bare back etc..I just wonder why their people are so particular with their own woman dress code covering from head to toe (abaya) but in actual fact that they are not as what you can see at the beach or their music video on the TV.So misleading and confused as a tourist to be at their beach or the country itself .Even when you walk around the hotel to the shopping Malls within the hotel vicinity ,I was shocked to see woman wearing shorts or inappropriate clothings.Either they live or work in Dubai or visitors . Beach was beautiful and lovely .Windy and cold so you need a jacket .Soft sandy beach and a lot of coral shells at certain area so be careful ! Quite a number of food trucks and small cafe /restaurant .Price wise of course slightly expensive.




仙纳杜 餐厅
在仙纳杜 (Xanadu) 享受美食与舞蹈
在威尔豪斯 (Warehouse) 享用可口的美食饮品与派对
在贵宾室 (VIP Room) 惊艳亮相
在怀尔世界 (Wire World) 挑战自我
在时光咖啡 (Time Cafe) 支持您最爱的球队
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