与骑士旅行社 (Knight Tours) 计划一场旅行
骑士旅行社 (Knight Tours) 带您游览城市,穿越沙漠,回到过去。您会从一个新的角度感受迪拜,瞥见过去的时代。除了参观集市与骆驼之旅,您也可以参与广受欢迎的沙漠之旅。如果您热爱户外活动,旅行社也可为您安排露营、徒步探险和浮潜。
骑士旅行社 骑士旅行社 (Knight Tours) 带您游览城市,穿越沙漠,回到过去。您会从一个新的角度感受迪拜,瞥见过去的时代。除了参观集市与骆驼之旅,您也可以参与广受欢迎的沙漠之旅。如果您热爱户外活动,旅行社也可为您安排露营、徒步探险和浮潜。
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  • 21 4月 2017
    by 5StarDivaFamily
  • Fun time
    Fun time out with the family...the classic desert pics, dune bashing, then going to a Bedouin camp site for camel rides, sunset pics, trying on clothes, henna, seeing a falcon, buffet dinner, dancing. The dune bashing is not for the easily motion-sick (as my daughter will tell you). We also did some sand-boarding...which is not easy...and walking back up in sand is even harder. The dinner food was average and the time spent at the camp was a bit long with too much down time...although we did have fun and the dancing was pretty impressive. At the campsite, you meet up with several tour groups/companies who all converge at the same whichever company you choose...I think you will wind up in a very similar place. In fact, we saw several companies out in the desert/dunes, etc...all pretty much do the exact same thing. A must do.
  • 18 4月 2017
    by Amsetus
  • Nice but not excellent
    I would have rated this tour excellent if our vehicle was not as overclouded as it was, we were 8 persons including our driver. I have a bad back and was located on the backseat, it was a real hustle to get in and out of the vehicle and during the dune bashing I kept banging my head on the roof. Besides that, the show was very good and the food OK.
  • 24 2月 2017
  • Good fun!
    We got complimentary tickets for this desert safari and it was good fun. Our driver was Muhammad who is an expert driver on the dunes! So a 4x4, mainly Toyota land cruisers, pick you up from your hotel once you book with them over the phone or online. They will arrange a time with you. The car is a 7 seater so there will be other people in the car unless you book a VIP tour. Then we were taken out towards Sharjah towards the dunes. There's a brief stop beforehand for toilet or drinks break then we head out to the desert and wait for all the other cars from the company and then start the dune bashing in a convoy. This is the best bit of the safari unless you have a weak stomach lol. We then reach a Bedouin style camp where you can have complimentary camel rides only for a short distance just for the experience or u can book a quad bike for 15minutes for a price just to ride around in the nearby area. You can book a longer quad bike experience as well but this needs to be done with the initial booking. For me the camp bit wasn't that great. Dinner is a buffet which is not very good. Needs big time improvement. Entertainment was a man who spin dances with skill. Also there is belly dancing. The belly dancing is very unnecessary and ruins the experience of the desert. Most people and families walked out of the camp at this point. Would recommend desert safari but maybe shop around as some companies have better food and exclusive camp sites as our one was shared with other companies as well.




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