在拉贝休闲吧 (La Baie Lounge) 享受惬意氛围
如果您正找寻一家奢华气派,且价格合理的地方,那就径直前往位于朱美拉海滩住宅区沃克街 (The Walk JBR) 丽兹卡尔顿酒店 (Ritz-Carlton's) 的户外休闲餐馆拉贝 (La Baie)吧。这里服务体贴周到,供应高级饮品与精选美食。用超美味的小吃与鱼类菜肴款待自己吧。这些精心准备的食物如同艺术品一样置于海洋背景中,让您随着惬意的氛围,时尚的环境, DJ动人的旋律在池边放松下来。
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  • Great service
    Highly recommend indoors whilst keeping out of the noise and heat of the outdoor, swim up to bar. A great selection across the board, to suit all palates and the chef also send out a few items to cleanse the palate at no extra charge. Any try the the watermelon pizza? An ice cold slice of watermelon, topped with fruits of the forest glaze and fresh fruit. Delicious for the setting
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  • Great food and a great setting!
    We visited La Baie a couple of times during our stay at the hotel. But even if you aren’t a resident it’s a must!! We are a family of three, my husband, our 18month old daughter and myself. I am a gluten free vegan. And although we travel globally for a good portion of the year I often struggle to find good food! Not only was this restaurant an exception but the entire hotel is geared up to make people like me feel comfortable, well actually maybe uncomfortable after all the incredible food!!! We were on the half board plan, my daughter enjoyed salmon and grilled vege, my husband devoured steaks and I was provided with an incredible array of freshly grilled vege and roasted potato to die for all freshly prepared by the incredible helpful and knowledgable chef Diego who made the effort to come and talk to me about what they could prepare for me. I must also say that the superfood salad was insanely good!! The restaurant inside is beautiful and modern with great lighting and atmosphere. And outdoors is lovely to sit and enjoy the views of the city on one side and the beach on the other. There is Shisha available throughout the day and evening too. We honestly can’t recommend the restaurant enough with its incredible food, great service and cocktails that were beautiful. We must say a special thank you to Gregory who was so attentive and helpful. He made us incredible smoothies, played with Sienna and was a pleasure to chat to and get to know. We cannot wait to return for more!!!
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  • Late lunch with my husband
    We passed by the ritz carlton thinking they would have a good place to dine. We went in there and my god, it looks like a sad staff cafeteria. I don't know why, we never felt comfortable. I ordered quasadillas and the guacamole was tasteless, I think it was from a can. Oh and we got tapenade with bread as a complimentary which is nice but it tasted like hell. I definitely tasted the worst tapenade in my life. The staff though are nice and lovely. I would never recommend it! Am sorry!
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