在卢西亚诺 (Luciano's) 品尝薄皮披萨
在卢西亚诺 (Luciano's) 您能品尝到意大利各地的传统优质菜肴。这家池畔餐馆位于码头 (Marina) 的哈布图尔格兰德酒店 (Habtoor Grand)。尽情享用美味的主菜与前菜吧,您也一定要品尝薄皮披萨。您也可以从丰富的海鲜、肉类与面食中选择,所有食物都以大分量供应。如果天气允许的话,您还可以在户外挂有彩色小灯的棕榈树下用餐。
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  • Nice atmosphere
    Very nice, quite and peaceful restaurant, with a friendly staff and good service! Tasty ravioli and tempting chocolate tart
  • Small but good fun
    A small pool side restaurant for those hungry swimmers. A typical resort restaurant. Nice and cheerful with some very friendly members of staff. Family friendly and quite casual. You can eat with your swim clothes in the outside tables.
  • Good Italian food and surprisingly good quantity!
    I am usually wary of restaurants in five-star hotels. The price-satisfaction matrix is always loaded against the guest, and franky I have had far better food in far better restaurants. I prefer paying for food in a restaurant, not for the fancy cutlery, uniforms of the waiters and "views". Luciano's happened by accident. We were planning to dine at the Thai restaurant in Grand Habtoor Resort but it was apparently shut because three VIP guests down for the Jazz Festival required extra hands! And the funny thing was that the reception staff of the hotel took our reservation for the Thai restaurant just a couple of hours before we were to go. So the evening started off with a bit of a wrinkle. I am also wary of Italian restaurants, after my recent experience at the Méridien Airport in Dubai, but I was prepared to be open-minded, Besides, we were hungry and didnt want to waste too much time looking for a place. Luciano's has an al-fresco dining option. Go for it. The waiter on duty, a lad from Kerala in Southern India (I have a bad memory for names, forgive me) was, as expected in a restaurant whose prices are similar to my weight in kilos, knew the menu inside out and was able to give some good suggestions. For starters we had Calamari Fritti and the Parmigiana di Melanzane (baked eggplant with various cheeses). The usual bread basket with various sauces. Par for the course. I have a fixation for seafood and I was keen to check whether my disastrous experience earlier was a standard in Italian restaurants. I ordered the Linguine ai Frutti di Mare and told the lad from Kerala (a seafood loving state) to make sure there was lots of...seafood! He assured me that I would not be disappointed. The others ordered Ravioli di Ricotta e Spinaci. I was not disappointed. The Linguine was mind-blowing, Just the right amount, nicely spiced, and overflowing with shrimps and clams. This sea-food lover was in piscine heaven! The lad from Kerala had instinctively added more spice and that made the difference between a so-so dish to one that came close to my rather exacting specifications of a seafood pasta. The ravioli lot were raving about their dishes as well. All in all, it was a far better experience and I give full marks to the chef and also to the waiters who were quick on their feet. Go for a cozy twosome or to impress family from western climes - you will be rewarded with loads of brownie points, and love from your spouse!
在43楼 (Level 43) 欣赏美景
在麦地纳购物中心 (Madina Mall) 享受实惠购物
在劳里沙比比 (Lawrie Shabibi) 探索艺术
在迪拜母婴乐园 (Moms & Tots Dubai) 学习成长
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