Mama Tani
前来 Mama Tani 品尝 khameer 面包

“Mama Tani” 在阿拉伯语中为“第二母亲”的意思,这家现代咖啡馆位于朱美拉,生机勃勃,供应一系列当地美食,包括 khameer——阿联酋传统面包。 这家咖啡馆以店主祖母的名字命名,咖啡馆坚持采用优质食材,每天新鲜现做美食,这一理念正是受到店主祖母的启发才得以形成,咖啡馆供应 khameer,可填充甜咸佐料,深受本地人和游客的喜爱。


您可以试试这家咖啡馆的芫荽烤坚果奶油奶酪,或者也可以试试带来奢华享受的香甜开心果无花果玫瑰奶油。 您甚至还可以随意组合佐料,“定制” khameer 面包。 最后,您还可随心点一杯 Mama Tani 的传统混合饮料,或者点一杯 karak 茶、热巧克力、阿拉伯咖啡。
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  • Great local food
    It's sometimes tough to find good local food in Dubai. It's actually sometimes tough to even find a restaurant in Dubai if all you know is the name. Eventually we did find Mama Tani in the upstairs of a small mall. The food there was great and it was a good change of pace from hole in the wall shawarma stands and extremely fancy restaurants that can be found around Dubai.
  • Khameer-Emiratti goodness
    Mama Tani Cafe; the name strikes you the moment you enter and all you wanna know is why this name ? Well there is a perfect, heartfelt reason for that. Mama Tani – in Arabic means "second mother" – The cafe is run by the Alshamsi Brother and Sister duo and Mama Tani is what they used to call their grandmother on the instance of a childhood nanny they had, who hailed from Egypt. The cafe is a tribute to the unconditional Love of their Grandmother who used to dish out for them hot breads or Khameer with lots of love and affection when they were children. Khameer is incidentally the base for many of the dishes served in Mama Tani. Reminded me instantly of those yummy pancakes my Grandmother used to make when I was a kid. In short the whole essence of Mama Tani cafe is all about Gratitude, Nostalgia and Love. We first had a look see around the Cafe and let me say this out ...boy ...I am impressed. The interiors are calm yet vibrant, echoes lot of positivity and esteem, simple yet dynamic, artistic yet with a personal touch. We settled for two drinks- Vimto slush and Basil orange. Kids would most certainly like the slush. The basil orange is a healthy option- minty and citrus flavours lingering around. For the salad option we went with "Date, walnut and celery salad". Just by the looks of it I knew it would be a 'killer'.. tasty yet healthy. Must try! In the Khameer option we went for the Omani Khameer- with Omani creamy cheese and dakooz. Tauok sandwich- which is sheesh Tauok wrapped in Khameer bread with pickle, dips and herby fries. Nice stuff. Went for the baked Khameer with pepperoni, mozzarella and zataar. Very similar to the Italian pizza, looks alike too only major difference is the pizza base which is Khameer and addition of zataar which is again a variant of the thyme/mint family. Cheesilicious! For Dessert we picked pistachio cake which had a generous helping of pistachio, presentation was nice and tasted yum We also had the mama tani special Karak Chai and ice blended creme' coffee to wash down the grub. The Karak chai had cardomom, saffron and cinnamon. Coffee was just awesome. Final verdict- Healthy and tasty food, great presentation and above all cooked with the most essential ingredient -"LOVE"
  • UAE national food with a modern twist
    Its my weekend breakfast place! The mamatani breakfast is a MUST try! The KARAK as well! Also the rose lemonade is SO refreshing that beats the summer heat! I sometimes order take away on my way to work!
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