在玛丽亚博妮塔 (Maria Bonita) 享受悠闲时光
约上朋友或家人在玛丽亚博妮塔 (Maria Bonita) 享用美味的一餐吧。品尝桌旁现做的油炸玉米粉饼与美味的鳄梨色拉酱,配之搭配调味汁的热腾腾的玉米饼与法士达,或可腾出肚子享用传统丰盛的海鲜美食、牛排和鸡肉等主菜。餐馆在朱美拉与格林社区 (Green Community) 都有分布,承诺提供优质的美食与浓浓的墨西哥风情。
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  • Our night at Maria Bonita
    Lively and cozy place, The food is excellent. I love the Tortilla soup and Cactus salad. for dessert try milk moisten cake. Friendly staff and restaurant manager is so friendly.
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  • Not the vibe we would like
    This is next door to our home. The place has porential to be a neighbourhood central. Some of the food is good. The staff is mentally disconnected and it feels like the owner is never there. What a pity. Prices are also outrageous for what you get. Please please put more heart in Maria Bonita and less grease. Offer reasonable sets for the regulars and we will be them.
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  • Dubai's Best Kept Secret
    One of Dubai’s best kept secrets, it’s quirky vibe, alfresco dining, we get all the feels of a Mexican roadside diner – traditionalists you will love them! Slopped with cheese and salsa, you will not miss modern Mexican cuisine, even a bit!Need to try : Freshly made Guac on your table, nachos Chicken/ Prawn Wraps
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