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玛丽足浴 (Mary Foot Spa) 是一家采用中国古老的足底按摩提高全身健康的足浴中心,以“走向更健康生活”为宗旨。一整天,我们双脚站、跑、走和爬楼梯,因此,我们理应给予双脚一些温柔的呵护。这里有众多的护理选择,包括基础足底按摩、医疗足底按摩和手足指甲护理等。这里不单单只有足部护理,也提供全身按摩服务。
玛丽足浴 玛丽足浴 (Mary Foot Spa) 是一家采用中国古老的足底按摩提高全身健康的足浴中心,以“走向更健康生活”为宗旨。一整天,我们双脚站、跑、走和爬楼梯,因此,我们理应给予双脚一些温柔的呵护。这里有众多的护理选择,包括基础足底按摩、医疗足底按摩和手足指甲护理等。这里不单单只有足部护理,也提供全身按摩服务。 +97144404888玛丽足浴/@25.08063147,55.13906037
玛丽足浴 +97144404888 马尔萨迪拜, 朱美拉 55.13906037 25.08063147 星期天 至 星期四 & 星期六 从 10:00 至 23:00, 星期五 从 13:00 至 23:00
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    POI Opening Timing星期天 至 星期四 & 星期六 从 10:00 至 23:00, 星期五 从 13:00 至 23:00

    POI Address马尔萨迪拜, 朱美拉

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    22 10月 2017
    by Michelle N
  • Velvære og opladning fra top til tå
    I got this place recomended for af foot massage, and it was really grate not just the treatment but also the price! For about 200 dirhams, i got a full hour foot massage, with focus on all the acupunctural places in the feets. I must be honest and say, that it is not just an relaxing foot massage, and i have very sensitive feet, but the lady was really nice not to push too hard. This massage is made for activate the circulation in your feet, and not just cuddle them. And it worked! After she was done with my feet, I also got massage on the shoulders and the back, and she finished of with stretching my upper body. It was amazing!! My boyfriend had a full body massage for about 300 dirhams, and even though he was not allowed to take his shirt of (because it is a mixed gender saloon), he was amazed and sad it was by far the best, and most effective massage he has ever had. He has a back problem, so he in generally has to be stretched out once in a while, but e is rarely satisfied with the result. Here it really had the effect that he needed. Again, it was not just a backrub, but an intensively massage with focus on the acupunctural spots all over the body. The place itself is not a big luxurius hotel spa thing, but a smaller shop with dimmed light, and you sit/lay in big leather chairs, it is very low key and relaxing. My boyfriend and I got a room for just the two of us, where we got the massages next to each other. I also liked that, and will defently go back, the next time I am in Dubai!!
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    14 5月 2017
    by AngelaCheyne
  • Pedicure
    I treated myself to a pedicure at Mirdiff branch and was very disappointed. The room was very dark and dingy, the staff were not welcoming and it was freezing cold! Music was too quiet to hear and staff phones were ringing. The lady doing my pedicure didn't say anything to me for the whole treatment and barely smiled. I will definitely not be returning.
  • Rating Image
    18 4月 2017
    by Maryam S
  • True Reflexology
    I go to the mirdiff brach - my therapist is Nancy and she's amazing. Now don't go looking for luxury.. if you are this place isn't for you. If however, you are looking for healing then this is the place. I'm there at least once a month and it relaxes me and she pinpoints all my trouble areas. My advise: Make sure it's a chinese lady doing your massage and ask for the best ones.





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