前往纳杜马泰姆餐馆 (Nadumuttam Restaurant)
纳杜马泰姆 (Nadumuttam) 是一座位于南印度喀拉拉邦 (Kerala) 的传统庄园,适合生活在一个屋檐下的大家庭。因此,这家位于布尔迪拜的纳杜马泰姆餐馆 (Nadumuttam Restaurant) 是一家面向家庭的餐馆似乎也理所当然。在这里,您可以感受餐馆的独特装潢,让您仿佛置身于喀拉拉邦。您还可享用海鲜美食与地道的喀拉拉邦菜肴。
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  • Very bad for delivery
    First time we placed an order for their chicken manchow soup only .. which was decent And then when we ordered again for a proper meal ... Manchow soup was decent but then rest everything else was so awful that we couldnt have it ... we kept this food aside and ordered again from another restaurant.. i think they need to work on their quality of food
  • Good place !
    Food - Very Good Ambience - Good Pricing - Pocket Friendly Staff - Very Good Drinks Recommended 1. Fresh Lime Soda Starters Recommended 1. Ammachis Chilli Fish 2. Eri Pori Chicken 3. Prawns Dry Fry 4. Crispy Spinach Chicken 5. Squid Tempura Maincourses Recommended 1. Fish Chettinadu 2. Prawns Masala 3. Kozhi Mallikettu 4. Thattu Dosa 5. Idiyappam 6. Kerala Paratha Visited this place last weekend , it was super packed there was a huge waiting que till outside , I was very much excited to try out this place as I love these kind of food . Finally got a table for my self the above mentioned dishes and drinks are a must try . Mr Mahesh the restaurant manager welcomed us and he told the entire concept behind Nadumuttam & he's the one who recommended us the above mentioned dishes which turned out to be so good . Our server Lieon took care of our table and he was very much friendly and quick in service .
  • Authentic Kerala cuisine
    Dined here on a late weekday afternoon. The restaurant was nearly empty and the waiter who served me was very attentive. I told him that I wanted to try out some authentic Keralite food so he recommended me a few dishes. He asked about my spice tolerance level, dietary restrictions and recommended a starter, a main and a drink based on my preferences. I had okra pepper masala, chicken masala in banana leaf, ghee rice and a drink which reassembled virgin pina colada in terms of look and tatse but it came with diced green chillies. The okra was crispy, the chicken was spicy and bursting with flavor and the drink was very refreshing. Overall, it's a nice restaurant that serves authentic Keralite food at a reasonable price. The serving is huge and the service was attentive.
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