前来 Napoletana 尝一块比萨
Napoletana 开设有两间小餐厅,分别位于朱美拉海滩住宅区 (Jumeirah Beach Residences) 的 The Walk 以及迪拜购物中心 (Dubai Mall),以最著名的比萨小镇命名。 餐厅供应一系列美味经典木烧比萨,馅料组合丰富,包括招牌 Napoletana(刺山柑、鳀鱼、橄榄)和 Alla Toscana(番茄酱、山羊奶酪、辣椒、迷迭香、白干酪、罗勒、牛至)。 也许您的最爱是比萨,但这家餐厅也供应相当丰富的意大利面、沙拉、开胃菜。 这家餐厅的比萨皮薄软、耐嚼,香料浓郁,奶酪浓稠,如同刚刚从那不勒斯现做出炉。
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  • Disappointed!! Btw who owns this restaurant?
    This restaurant is located at prime place almost right under Sofitel at JBR walk. We first spotted this restaurant and love seeing they making fresh wooden oven pizza. So we came back the next day to enjoy our lunch. Such a huge disappointment for a fabulous place which serves amazing food. The staff is sooooo rude that it beyond words. Our 6 days trip was great in Dubai with fabulous staff at our hotel Marriott, while shopping courteous and helpful staff. I mean anywhere and everywhere the people were really warm. But this place was such a spoiler to our last day meal in Dubai. So we started with soup, Bruchettas , pizza. We said we’ll order the next after this and for drink after food as we all wanted to have hot drink (coffee). This was all informed to our server. After our course was served we asked for the menu and we simple get the bill, without even confirming if we wanted to order anything else. This was the service when they just had two table occupied in the entire restaurant with two server serving them. When we asked if we could talk to the manger , we were rudely informed that he is not available, just pay and leave. I was truly shocked to experience this at a restaurant, which seems welcoming . Anyways, Good luck to the management for having such a great place, food it lacks customers. I now understand why. Ps: we then went to Bombay Bungalow which even better service and food :)
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  • Very poor pizzas
    I don’t normally write reviews but the standard of food compelled me to. Fantastic location and excellent staff, so no complaints there. We ordered 2 pizzas, one pepperoni and one seafood. The pepperoni pizza was not enjoyable whatsoever. I appreciate that they cannot offer pork pepperoni but the alternative was terrible and not even edible. The base wasn’t much better either, it’s tasted stale and not fresh. I’m not an expert on pizzas but this did not seem freshly cooked to order. The seafood pizza was very average and really smelt very very fishy, I understand that it’s a seafood pizza but the smell really overpowered the pizza. In the whole an unforgettable experience which we will not be repeating. Only plus is the excellent and attentive staff and location.
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  • Avoid it
    Very average pizzas that came cold. Cheese and ingredients used were not top quality. The size is closer to small than average. Expensive prices for what they serve. You can find much better in Dubai.
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