前往内泽索西餐厅烧烤 (Nezesaussi Grill)
去市区阿尔曼兹尔酒店 (Al Manzil Hotel) 的泽索西餐厅烧烤 (Nezesaussi Grill) 抢占一个位置!这是一家热门会所,因轻松友善的氛围而备受赞誉。餐馆为庆祝三国运动与美食,采用了橄榄球设备与 13 个大屏幕表达自己的激情。在这里,您可以品尝众多以肉为主的美味食物,包括南非香肠、新西兰羊羔肉与澳洲牛排。
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  • Saturday Afternoon Sport
    Family 'Sport' get together on Saturday afternoon at this fabulous location, why fabulous: 'smoke free environment' so adult and importantly kid friendly indoor air quality, great menu, super service and attentive staff, and TV screens everywhere we turned in this really cool place which with lots of underground parking will make this a regular venue
  • Best sports bar in the area
    We visited Nezesaussi Grill last evening for the first time. We live across the street in Old Town Island since a couple of months ago, so pretty much always going to restaurants in Souk Al Bahar. Well, after last evening, we felt like we discovered heaven at Nezesaussi :-). They have excellent beer selection, and the food was just awesome. Service was top as well, friendly and professional. We used to go to Claw BBQ at Souk Al Bahar when we wanted to have a cold beer and watch some sports, but there is no comparison at all. Food, beer, staff, and the place itself is 100 times better in Nezesaussi Grill.
  • Not so keen on new breakfast buffet
    I met some friends at the restaurant for a breakfast, expecting the regular AED 45 deal, which we all adore, but was met with a new concept which did not fit the sports bar theme or atmosphere. I was not very impressed with the buffet layout, as there were not many options to choose from for a breakfast buffet. Please bring back the normal breakfast option and leave the hotel buffets to the hotels. You're a sports bar, so be that.
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