在诺曼德 (Nomad) 享用浪漫的一餐
位于迪拜河畔朱美拉河畔酒店 (Jumeirah Creekside Hotel) 的诺曼德 (Nomad) 为您提供浪漫的水畔用餐体验、舒适的炉边休闲区和 DJ 带来的动感音乐。尝尝这里的开胃菜吧,包括寿司和海鲜天妇罗,接下来再试试主菜,有印尼炒饭与新加坡面条等,还可辅点肉类与鱼类菜肴。餐馆还设有亚洲小吃吧、纽约风格熟食、亚洲池畔烧烤以及点心手推车等。

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  • Outdoors brunch
    Lovely place to have brunch in Dubai, great food selection from different parts of the world (mostly Asian), variety in alcohol drinks, great live music and service. Highly recommend to spend a weekend here
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  • The best service I’ve experienced
    I told a staff member my parents turned 50 this year and that I wanted to treat them to some sparkling, since the entire trip was made for celebrating my mother. Well the staff threw in a small cake on the sparkling wine and sang for them. I could not be happier about the reception here. Thank you!
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  • Decent brunch place with great outdoor seating
    The food was alright. You know how the buffet cooked food is- nothing incredibly unique to rave about. The selection was good in itself. The biggest draw is the outdoor seating over the winter in Dubai which is fabulous One issue we had to be aware of is if you use an entertainer. In our party, we had some who wanted the alcohol package and some who didn’t. Everywhere else we go in Dubai using the entertainer, they let us do a split ticket with someone in our price range. For example, the non alcohol brunchers were going to pair up and use an entertainer. The alcohol brunchers would pair up and do the same. Instead, they made us be all on one ticket and wouldn’t let us pair up in that way. In the end, the ones who didn’t want to pay for the alcohol had to pay for that entertainer price, so we might as well just get the alcohol too. That was closer to the end of our time that we sorted all this. They were nice about it but wouldn’t budge on that policy. Overall it was a nice experience but nothing totally spectacular. I’d rather explore other places comparable in the city
Bin-Eid-Traditional-Restaurant 餐厅
在宾艾德传统餐馆 (Bin Eid Traditional Restaurant) 享用美食
Blue-Flame 餐厅
相约蓝色火焰 (Blue Flame),享受互动美食体验
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布雷兹 (Blades) 餐馆的悠闲时光
Beach-House-Cabana 餐厅
在卡巴纳沙滩小屋 (Beach House Cabana) 共享美食欢乐时光
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