带着家人来奥希阿纳 (Oceana)
来到位于迪拜朱美拉希尔顿度假酒店 (Hilton Dubai Jumeirah Resort) 的多风味餐馆奥希阿纳 (Oceana) ,您将拥有众多选择。这里供应的丰盛美食能够满足每一个人不同的喜好。典雅的装饰设计灵感来自于十九世纪20年代的游船,餐馆热诚欢迎家庭、朋友和商务人士等到此聚餐。这里有美味的自助早餐、周末早午餐以及主题晚餐,任君选择。
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  • Most good, except for the main courses
    We thoroughly everything, except for the main courses oddly enough. Tuna with Lemon butter was not as flavourful as it sounds and chicken satay was served with mint sauce.. I know, shocking for a peanut sauce fan. Fresh mixed juice was served with a syrup though, considering how fresh the juice was I think the syrup was not necessary and infact spoiled the drink overall. Everything was fresh and neatly presented. Usually, I am disappointed by the desserts, that did not happen here. Good service which is added bonus!
  • Iftar with family
    My mum is currently staying with us and I thought I would treat her to an Iftar, didn't know if she would like it or not and my very fussy eater daughter joined us but gave it a go. The setting was lovely and busy, very popular iftar by the looks of it. The waiter was very nice we ordered our drinks and waited a few minutes before we could proceed to the abundant food stations . We all started of with soup , 2 types Chicken and Lentil both very tasty and we was off to a good start . Continued with the salads, kebabs and Shawarma ( mum what's a Shawarma) very tasty. Music started up with guy playing sorry for not knowing the name but a string instrument. Now the mains Vegetable Curry, Chicken roll, and a fantastic beef dish but forget the name and a giant pan of Lamb and Rice which was the taste sensation of the evening . Cheese, Grapes and Biscuit's then the deserts plenty to choose from, Arabic tea ( not to mums liking she likes Yorkshire Tea lol. and asked for milk and sugar . Overall a very enjoyable evening and completely stuffed. Mum and Daughter loved it .
  • Iftar & birthday celebration
    Service and Food was below ok, shawarma and soup was tasteless, variety of food was ok for non-vegetarian.
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