在欧姆尼亚美食家 (Omnia Gourmet) 品尝名厨佳肴
这里是英国名厨西尔瓦纳·罗 (Silvena Rowe) 在迪拜开设的第一家餐馆。欧姆尼亚美食家 (Omnia Gourmet) 位于朱美拉渔村 (Jumeirah Fishing Village),提供当地美食,几乎完全不含麸质。这里还提供一系列原汁原味、无糖、无乳、原始 (Paleo) 与全素甜点。还可在这里享用地方食材制作的美食,包括阿联酋布拉塔起士、乳清奶酪、本地土鸡和新鲜捕获的当地鲜鱼等等。
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  • Away from the crowds
    Omnia Blue is opposite Omnia Gourmet and both are a little tucked away. However at Ominia Blue there is great food with staff who understand dietary needs. Service is a little slow but during the day this adds to the relaxed ambiance. Enjoy being away from the crowds whilst seeing the boats coming and going - many with the catch of the day
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  • Disappointed
    I had heard so much about this place, and finally thought of visiting since I have some time off. Quite a disappointment. I Ordered the chicken Mashawi as I read good reviews on it, the zucchini gf bread, ginger tea and raw tiramisu. The bread tasted like cake. The use of egg in the bread was quite prominent from the smell. The ginger tea was extremely sweet. I was hoping they would have given the honey on the side. It was all blended together unfortunately. The chicken; quite tough. No different to your regular Lebanese restaurant, neither in flavor nor taste. I’ve never liked my rice with raisins, this one had an overdose, so quite sweet. The waitress wasn’t helpful at all with recommendations and I was surprised to see the place was empty. Their desserts are quite expensive and look a lot better than they actually are. Surely won’t be returning anytime soon.
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  • What a pity
    We went there looking for organic food and nice place for a girl lunch. We ordered a few nibbles to share. I found the service poor and not very profesional or caring. The babaganoush was just ok, the hummus was lovely, the prawns tasted good too and the problem came with the salad. We did not know which one to order and asked for recommendation or signature dish and the waitress said we should order the green avocado salad. The chickpeas were so hard we could not eat them, and they were one of the main ingredients. We complained and she looked at us without making any effort to please us. They charged the salad even though it was left there. What a difference it would have made if she had said, you did not like my recommendation so coffee it's on us, or I'll offer you something else... We left disappointed as we had driven a good bit to find a very beautiful decor but a bad experience overall. I'd recommend them too to limit their offer as the place it's almost empty so it should be difficult to offer freshness in the whole menu. And last but not least I asked for GF bread or crackers for the hummus and they said they only had zucchini bread which she brought wrapped in a plastic film. Not very appetizing!
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