在帕克斯 (Pax) 探索地道意大利菜肴
在传统意大利餐馆帕克斯 (Pax) 入座,欣赏壮丽的美景,享用地道的意大利美食。餐馆位于都喜天阙 (Dusit Thani) 的第24层。这家大众餐馆提供菜肴比传统分量小,让您有机会体验更多不同的口味,该风格被称作博康奇尼(小份美食)。另外,这里的开胃菜与主菜价格都超级实惠,一顿丰盛的美味佳肴不会掏空您的钱包。
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  • Excellent Italian
    Hotel restaurants can very much be a hit and miss but this is one that is truly excellent. Had a great dinner for three with variety for all and good wine and desert selection.
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  • Italian at its Best
    On 24th floor of the Dusit Thani and a is quiet, smart well furnished restaurant with caring staff. Food is freshly prepared so it takes a while to arrive at the table but well worth the wait. Super tasty generous servings of pasta and tomato sauces that betters the same dish in Italy. Definitely worth a visit
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  • When is are beef medalions a sliced steak?
    We often eat at PAX and the service and food have been good. However our main course tonight was very disappointing. We ordered beef medallions which in the past were tender and thinnish pieces of beef cooked individually and then stacked with a tasty truffle and mushroom sauce. Tonight it was fairly thick and tough steaks cooked in one piece and then sliced. They were chewy and raw and not up to the standards we expect for the price. Both the waitress and the new chef apologised, There was a half hearted suggestion that my husband's meal be returned to the kitchen but we felt it it was too late to start again. We all make mistakes and sometimes the meat is not as tender as at other times but the staff did nothing to put things right except say sorry and then presented us with a full bill. We will not be returning.
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