探索传奇世界 (Saga World)
传奇世界 (Saga World) 是一家豪华购物中心,面向频繁光临朱美拉地区的独具慧眼的人群,专营豪华艺术商品。传奇世界沿着乌姆苏克姆一区 (Umm Suqeim 1) 的朱美拉海滩路 (Jumeirah Beach Road),里满是精选的艺术品、珠宝、伊斯兰艺术品、书法、文艺复兴式纺织地毯,甚至还有金银制成的家具。您还可以在这里购买衣物与享用咖啡。
传奇世界 传奇世界 (Saga World) 是一家豪华购物中心,面向频繁光临朱美拉地区的独具慧眼的人群,专营豪华艺术商品。传奇世界沿着乌姆苏克姆一区 (Umm Suqeim 1) 的朱美拉海滩路 (Jumeirah Beach Road),里满是精选的艺术品、珠宝、伊斯兰艺术品、书法、文艺复兴式纺织地毯,甚至还有金银制成的家具。您还可以在这里购买衣物与享用咖啡。 +97143959071传奇世界/@25.16260062,55.20953643
传奇世界 +97143959071 乌姆苏克穆 1, 朱美拉 55.20953643 25.16260062 星期天 至 星期六 从 09:30 至 18:30
  • Saga-World
  • 传奇世界

    POI Opening Timing星期天 至 星期六 从 09:30 至 18:30

    POI Address乌姆苏克穆 1, 朱美拉

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  • Rating Image
    4 1月 2018
    by Ali Q
  • Amazing place! Must visit!
    A super unique mall in Dubai! Very nice products, friendly staff, and so many nice jewelry shops. Shop are a bit pricy, but you get premium products for your money spent.
  • Rating Image
    29 12月 2017
    by Miro M
  • Hidden gem of Dubai!
    Beautiful place to visit while in Dubai and to learn more about the Middle Eastern culture.This is not your usual type of mall so expect to see crafted furniture, gold carpets, a jewelry museum, jewelry exhibition and art exhibition. If you are with a group you can also have lunch at their Medieval restaurant very nicely decorated. On a personal note, I loved their vintage record players, too bad it was too heavy to carry. :)
  • Rating Image
    5 11月 2017
    by Barb J
  • Billed as an art museum, but it isn't
    We were in Diera. Our guide told us he was taking us to an art museum a ways away. We were all excited by the prospect and, despite the long trip there (30+ minutes), thought we'd see something special. As we got off the bus, the guide told us we had 25 minutes to see the "museum." That was the first clue that something wasn't right. As we entered the building, we were not free to wander, but were shepherded into a room where we were shown gold-embroidered rugs and pillows, embellished with native stones. After some hocus pocus involving a lighter that was "drawing water out of the stones," the offers were made "especially for us" to purchase, at half-price -- even better, for less than half-price -- the pieces. I left the room in disgust. (Water is a by-product of combustion. The lighter flame left a sheen of water on the stones.) The next room sold camel-wool and silk scarves and pashminas. At $240 USD, the prices were outrageous. I got a "just for me" offer to buy at $185 USD. It was a long ride back to our hotel in Bur Dubai. When I think of what we could have seen and done in Diera and Bur Dubai with that 1.5 hours, I get steamed. Earlier that morning we had 20 minutes in the Al Fahidi Historical district. Our wasted Saga time would have been better spent there. Saga is one of those places that gives kickbacks to tour operators and agents if they bring their clientele there and they buy. And, get this: on our visit to Abu Dhabi, when our new guide told us we were going to an art museum, I questioned him closely on whether it was a real museum or not. He assured me that it was. However, as we exited the bus, he announced that we were at Saga. Second verse same as the first, except that the Abu Dhabi Saga was dark, smelled of mildew and had lots of junk for sale the closer you got to the exit. Don't bother spending your time or money here.





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