在樱花 (Sakura) 品尝经典日式料理
观看大厨们在餐馆铁板烧台前手持武士刀一般的刀具准备食物只是樱花 (Sakura) 餐馆表演的一部分。餐厅提供的食物同样也同样叹为观止。菜单上有包括青葱鲑鱼皮卷、涮涮锅(日式火锅)在内的各式经典日式料理。餐馆的内部环境时尚高雅,更有装裱书法作品与精心装饰的墙壁,是与朋友聚餐或款待同事的理想之所。
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  • Great dinner
    Had a great evening at Sakura with yummy Japanese food nice time spent great service by the staff I will be coming back for sure on my next visit to dubai.
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  • Teppanyaki night
    It was my first experience of having teppanyaki and it was great. Been hesitant to do it coz We were already bit hungry, but we were served miso soup and salad to get started. Our chef was very entertaining but did not made us wait from cooking the food,he knows exactly what to do. There were choices of prawns,chicken and beef with fried rice and mixed vegetables complimented with the sauces (garlic sauce was my favorite). Unlimited teppan night, can u believe it? Other guys next to us had 2rounds i think.For very affordable price! Its good for families too. Not to forget the friendly service of the staff, thanks to Lei and her staff who were very attentive.
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  • A hidden Japanese gem at Crowne Plaza
    Sakura serves generous portions and freshly made sushi and maki rolls. They have private rooms and a separate teppanyaki area. Staff were very attentive and friendly. I would visit them again.
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