与阿联酋冲浪 (Sea Riders UAE) 一起激起浪花
与阿联酋冲浪 (Sea Riders UAE) 一起感受海浪的冲刷与太阳的热度。这是一家水上运动中心,让您重新激发起对海洋的热情。无论您是初学者,还是职业水上运动员,这里友好的团队都将带您参与到冲浪、花式滑水、尾浪滑水、划艇和滑水等运动中。您也可以参与这里的培训课程。公司还可安排垂钓、游艇、巡航一日游和烧烤等活动。
阿联酋冲浪 与阿联酋冲浪 (Sea Riders UAE) 一起感受海浪的冲刷与太阳的热度。这是一家水上运动中心,让您重新激发起对海洋的热情。无论您是初学者,还是职业水上运动员,这里友好的团队都将带您参与到冲浪、花式滑水、尾浪滑水、划艇和滑水等运动中。您也可以参与这里的培训课程。公司还可安排垂钓、游艇、巡航一日游和烧烤等活动。阿联酋冲浪 /@25.07782145,55.13978840
阿联酋冲浪 迪拜码头购物中心水上的士站(57), 马尔萨迪拜, 朱美拉 55.1397884 25.07782145 星期天 至 星期六 从 00:00 至 24:00
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  • 阿联酋冲浪

    POI Opening Timing星期天 至 星期六 从 00:00 至 24:00

    POI Address迪拜码头购物中心水上的士站(57), 马尔萨迪拜, 朱美拉

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  • 25 5月 2017
    by msachin
  • Excellent views of Atlantis and Burj Al Arab
    Good experience. Don’t go for “The World” island visit. Nothing is there. Cover Atlantis, Bur Al Arab and swimming in sea is a must. 2 hours should suffice for the tour.
  • 23 4月 2017
    by RayKhoury
  • Awesome wake-surfing team in Dubai
    I've been wake surfing for 2 years now, started in Dubai with Sea Riders, and I still massively look forward to coming here to do it as often as possible. They had boats at the Marina and at the Creek's marina by the Park Hyatt and the golf club. I used to surf at the Marina, but now prefer the Creek as the water is usually calmer although it's not the open sea and the great views from surfing by the Burj el Arab! The team at Sea Riders are all great and really know their stuff. Amr, Karim, and Anura are super professional, friendly, and fun to be on the water with. Can't recommend them highly enough. They take out a lot of wake boarders too, but I'm sticking to surfing. If you haven't tried this yet, you should. It's a great sport but very zen too.
  • 8 2月 2016
    by Shamus N
  • Awesomeness
    Great experience with good experience instructor (Mr Kelvin) enjoyed every moment with him. Great job Kelvin. First time doing the wakeboarding behind the boat but I guess i do it well :p haha. Definitely will come back for it & yes! Kelvin pls!!




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