在桑吉夫卡普尔招牌美食 (Signature By Sanjeev Kapoor) 享用令人愉悦的创新美食
桑吉夫卡普尔招牌美食 (Signature By Sanjeev Kapoor) 位于布尔迪拜的美利亚 (Melia) 酒店,为你带来名厨桑吉夫卡普尔创新并巧妙命名的招牌菜,主要为名厨改良的传统印度菜肴。在这里,咖喱角与炸蔬菜饼退居二线,取而代之的是令人愉悦的现代美食,如泥炉炭火芥末龙虾、罗勒胡椒石斑鱼、蜜汁芥辣鸡、查特泡芙、烤芝士、油煎芦笋与和牛油果泥等。主菜一直为主流美食。你将在这家高档的餐馆享用略有变化的传统美食。
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  • Absolutely Fantastic
    My wife & I had a fantastic dinner at the LIVE Station at this wonderful restaurant. The 4 course meal was more like a 10 course meal. The setting is private, intimate & the interaction with our personal chef was informative & entertaining. The food is amazingly tasty, and well presented. The Dessert was divine. Chef Chandrachur Chamoli and his staff were friendly and genuinely interested in making our experience a memorable one. And they certainly accomplished that ! During our conversations, we mentioned that we would be celebrating our 27th Wedding Anniversary in a few days time. They surprised us with a wonderful chocolate mousse cake presented in a dazzling style. Thank You to Chef Chandrachur and your wonderful staff.
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  • Impromptu plans are the very best
    It was an impromptu plan to visit Signature by Sanjeev Kapoor as our kids were attending a birthday nearby. We always wanted to dine at a Sanjeev Kapoor restaurant but had never gotten a chance. We went to Melia Hotel which itself is a gem in a congested area. We had two Royale set menus. All of it was excellent. The appetizers were very tasty as well as the main courses. The daal makhni and dahi bara butter chicken were nice but the Mutton Nizami Biryani was awesome. The last item was the dessert - kulfi with fried and hardened Nutella as well as lychee and cocoa powder. We were served well by Anil and Shanu. We told them that we had one hour and 5 Mins and they ensured that our timeline was met. In essence, it was a memorable dining experience
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  • Great experience
    I was impressed by everything related to this restaurant! Beautiful atmosphere, professional staff, amazing food and not so spicy. We were a group of friends, we enjoyed the food and the concept a lot! Highly recommended Check the entrée picture! Just perfect Loved the butter chicken, the vegetarian cheese main course and the lychee ice cream!
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