在微笑曼谷 (Smiling BKK) 享用趣味休闲泰国餐
微笑曼谷 (Smiling BKK) 位于靠近萨法公园 (Safa Park) 的一条小巷内,提供美味的食物,拥有轻松幽默的高水准服务。菜肴名称有趣,价格合理。在这里,就算八卦杂志的内页被拿来当做餐具垫子也不会让人觉得奇怪。您还可参与集中体现微笑曼谷精神的特别主题之夜活动,例如“歌声换晚餐”。但最终,让您成为这家餐馆回头客的还是其美味的泰国食物。
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    The place is dark and black which felt unfriendly after some time. Decoration was somehow unusual but the final outcome was not very appealing. No music and one could hear some sounds coming from their kitchen. Menu was funny and descriptions were even funnier . Service was slow. Food was average and it took some time to be served (although this was clearly mentioned as early warning) . The grilled shrimps were dry, a bit tasteless and overpriced. Thai salad was flaming hot although we said "little spicy". Received a voucher for next visit but not sure i will be visiting this place soon.
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  • Quality is drooping
    Has been a customer with this restaurant since the last 7 years I am in Dubai. Been taken by friends to this restaurant at the first time, impressed with their delicious and authentic Thai dishes. Went back many times and invited friends were all enjoyed the food so much. Few days ago I went back to the restaurant again but was disappointed. Taste and quantity was no longer the same. Hope the restaurant will realize what they are missing and keep their quality of the food up!
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  • Smiling Mona Lisa
    Instantly as you open the Smiling BKK (a.k.a. Smiling Bangkok) door you are amazed by its decoration, what a cool place. Then as soon as we walked in I noticed there were 2 Thai customers having lunch so I knew we were in the right place :) I just got back from Thailand 5 days ago so the taste of Thai food is still fresh on my taste buds and I was hoping for the very best. THE LOCATION: Al Wasl opposite to Al Safa Park, it is easily accessible PARKING: Public paid Parking in the back it was a Friday afternoon so parking was free, and there were may parking spots just behind the restaurant. THE AMBIENCE: Funky, cool, extremely creative. The ceiling, the walls, the tables and the chairs are all black. The walls are buzzing with colorful paintings, a unique collection of renditions of the Mona Lisa (Einstein Mona Lisa, Emirati Mona Lisa,  Karen tribe Mona Lisa, Avatar Mona Lisa, and much more). The restaurant ceiling is loaded with very colorful lamps. Lots of colorful stuff dangling from the wall. My friend who told me about this restaurant got confused by its name, she called it the Smiling Mona Lisa. There are so many Mona Lisa pictures on the walls that those images will simply stay with you. THE SERVICE: Fantabulous, you don’t summon a server using a little bell like in some other restaurant in the Smiling BKK you do that with a toy gun. What a cool idea, holding the toy and pressing it you feel like a 4 year old and you won’t stop laughing. THE FOOD: Authentic Thai food that is fresh, tasty, and mouthwatering. I was warned by a friend that when the waiter asks do you want the food medium spicy, spicy or Thai spicy don’t say Thai spicy or you’ll regret it. He did :) We ordered all the food Medium spicy, but I shouldn’t have listened to the advice, I should have gone Thai Spicy all the way. I actually added chili to my Pad Thai to bring the heat level up. So I guess it all depends how hot do you like your food. 1- Green Papaya Salad - Som Tum 31 AED (8/10) shredded young green papaya, tomatoes, carrot, peanuts, green beans, chili, garlic, and lime juice 2- Veg Spring Rolls 27 AED (8/10) 5 rolls in one serving 3- Peanut Curry Prawn 41AED (8/10) red curry paste enriched with peanuts, spices, and coconut milk  4- Pad Thai Chicken 37AED (6/10) fried noodles with dried shrimp, peanut, tofu and Tamarind sauce. The Pad Thai was a little bit too dry to my taste it was a mistake to order it medium spicy, so I added chili but it definitely needed sauce to make it juicer. Not sure if this is how they always do it or it was just my bad luck that day. 5- Sticky Rice with Mango 35AED (7/10) The rice was perfectly cooked, even though the mango looked more yellowish than orange it was perfectly ripe and sweet. The coconut marinade was too sweet for my taste, it was so sweet that in a way it covered the taste of the mango. THE PORTION SIZE: just right THE COST: pocket friendly THE BOTTOM LINE: authentic, delicious, with excellent service. Whenever I crave Thai food I will be going back to Smiling BKK for sure, the menu is big there are much more things to try. Next time I'm aiming to try the fish and I will order my food Thai spicy :)
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